Interventionist Blinken Threatens Confrontation with China and Russia

Interventionist Blinken Threatens Confrontation with China and Russia

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Sunday, the most distrusted interventionist from the most reviled country was interviewed by the most untrustworthy name in television propaganda CNN.

Tony Blinken came on bash nonbelligerent China and Russia while ignoring endless US wars by hot and/or means against invented enemies.

In response to handing imperial USA and colonized Canada a taste of their own toxic medicine by China — banning a short list of their officials from entering its territory and prohibiting its citizens and entities from dealings with them, Blinken said the following last week:

The Biden regime “condemns” Beijing’s actions (sic).”

In the same breath, he repeated the Big Lie claim about nonexistent Chinese human rights abuses against Uyghur Muslims in Jinjiang.

The US knows all about human rights abuses, having committed grievous ones at home and abroad for centuries.

They include endless wars on humanity worldwidw, war OF terror, not on it, exterminating its native people, and longstanding abuses against African Americans that shifted from chattel to wage slavery, from Jim Crow to its modern-day version to mass incarceration.

In racist USA, they’re marked for life, targeted by militarized cops, leaving them vulnerable to arrest, re-arrest or death. 

In US inner-cities, most Black youths can expect to face criminal injustice prosecutions one or more times in their lives.

Unmentioned by Blinken is that US police state injustice targets the nation’s most disadvantaged.

Inner-city streets are battlegrounds, Blacks and other people of color terrorized.

Interventionist Blinken “stands in solidarity” with US imperial partners against world peace, stability, and the rule of law.

He falsely blamed China for invented human rights abuses while ignoring the worst of US high crimes and other wrongdoing against nations and their people from its oppressive occupations and other ways of exerting control.

Like most of his predecessors, Blinken is a serial liar, an unindicted war criminal, a supporter of endless US wars on humanity.

He appeared on CNN Sunday to lie and otherwise deceive viewers who foolishly tuned in to hear his rubbish.

He lied calling China “increasingly adversarial” — a nation prioritizing peace and cooperative relations with other countries, confrontation with none, polar opposite how belligerent USA operates.

Shifting from China to Russia, he falsely called the Nord Stream II gas pipeline to Germany “a bad deal and a bad idea” — because readily available, highly valued, low-cost Russian natural gas is 30% cheaper than US LNG.

Blinken lied claiming Russian gas “undermines European security” — an absurd accusation about what’s economically beneficial to Germany and other European countries.

More Big Lies about Russia went unchallenged by lying machine CNN.

The pipeline will be completed, most likely this year, and there’s not damn thing imperial USA can do to stop it legislatively, by threatened sanctions, and/or whatever other dirty tricks it may have in mind.

CNN and other establishment media support Washington’s imperial agenda, its wars on humanity, its other flagrant rule of law abuses.

Defying reality, CNN turned truth on its head, claiming:

“Under Putin, of course (sic), Russia has interfered in American elections (sic), put bounties on US troops (sic), hacked into US computer systems (sic).”

The above is one of many examples why CNN is considered the most reviled and untrustworthy name in television propaganda.

Blinken compounded the above Big Lies by once against accusing Russia of “aggression” — how the US operates in multiple theaters, what Russia, China and other nations from from its control abhor.

Asked how the Biden regime intends to punish its adversaries, Blinken said more (illegal) sanctions are coming — “coordinated” with Washington’s imperial partners.

The harder and more lawlessly they challenge China, Russia, and other invented enemies, the greater the risk of confrontation that could lead to no-win war between nations able to smash each other.

The possibility of things moving in this direction should terrify everyone.

If global war 3.0 erupts, it’ll be made in the USA, nowhere else.

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