No End to Undeclared US War on Iran

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March 6, 2021
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March 6, 2021

No End to Undeclared US War on Iran

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Both right wings of the US war party are militantly hostile toward Iran for its independence from imperial control — not for any alleged threats.

None exist by the region’s leading proponent of peace, stability and cooperative relations with other nations, confrontation with none.

Longstanding US war on Iran by other means rages, short of preemptively turning things hot that’s unlikely but remains an ominous possibility.

US tactics include sanctions that are all about harming Iran’s economy and suffocating its people into submission, along with cyberwar and other dirty tricks.

Biden regime policy toward Iran continues Trump’s maximum pressure while falsely pretending to go another way.

No such intention exists, no plan to lift illegally imposed sanctions, no intention to rejoin the JCPOA as unanimously adopted by Security Council members in 2015 — making the landmark agreement binding international and US constitutional law under its Supremacy Clause.

On March 5, a hostile White House press release titled “Notice on the Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Iran” said the following:

“On March 15, 1995, by Executive Order 12957, the president declared a national emergency…to deal with the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States constituted by the actions and policies of the Government of Iran (sic).”

Fact: Since its 1979 liberation revolution to the present day, no Iranian threat to US security, foreign policy, or economy exists.

False claims otherwise are invented, not real, part of longstanding US war on Iran by other means — continued by Biden with no letup, no intention to change hostile US actions against the Islamic Republic.  

Yet the Biden regime reinvented reality by falsely claiming that “(t)he actions and policies of the Government of Iran — including its proliferation and development of missiles and other asymmetric and conventional weapons capabilities (sic), its network and campaign of regional aggression (sic), its support for terrorist groups (sic), and the malign activities of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and its surrogates (sic) — continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States (sic).”

The above is fiction, not fact. It applies to the US, NATO, Israel, and their imperial partners, not the Islamic Republic.

Its weapons development in its entirety is solely for defense, not offense like the above US-led axis of evil operates.

Iran hasn’t attacked another country in centuries, what the US, NATO and Israel do daily with no end of their aggression in prospect.

Based on longstanding US propaganda war on Iran, “the (invented) national emergency declared on March 15, 1995, must continue in effect beyond March 15, 2021” for another year and in perpetuity thereafter as long as Iran remains free from US control. 

The above and other hostile actions show US policy and intentions toward Iran by Dems and Republicans with virtually no prospect of softening things.

Iranian officials understand the futility of attempting to engage in good faith diplomacy with the US.

Yet they try anyway in spite of consistent US breach of promises and commitments when in place.

On March 5, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif tweeted the following:

“As Iran’s FM & chief nuclear negotiator, I will shortly present our constructive concrete plan of action— through proper diplomatic channels.”

On Thursday, Iranian President said the following:

“In the last four years, the international community has witnessed the US illegal approach and a full-scale economic war against Iran.” 

“These cruel and illegal sanctions have inflicted irreparable damage to Iran’s government and people.”

“As per Iran’s wisdom and insight, the JCPOA has so far survived despite the fact that the US had opted for its obliteration.” 

“The US, as the one who violated the deal, shall lift all sanctions and take practical steps in order to be able to return to JCPOA.” 

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will reciprocate action by action.” 

“The return path to the JCPOA is straightforward, and if the US government is determined to return, there is no need for negotiations.” 

Separately, Russia’s Sergey Lavrov’s call for the Biden regime to return to full JCPOA compliance — promising “to provide all kinds of assistance” to facilitate the process — fell on deaf ears in Washington.

The same goes for above remarks by Rouhani and Zarif.

Good faith Iranian and Russian diplomatic outreach to the US and West isn’t good enough for their hostile to peace and stability ruling class.

Iranian Nour News straight talk said the following:

A “notable Biden failure…is his lack of formerly promised immediate movement on the revival of the JCPOA.”

“(T)he US (must) act first and drop the sanctions first since it was the US that destroyed the carefully crafted nuclear deal, and not Iran.” 

“Of course the Republicans are as usual saying that Biden must take a harder line and not lift sanctions until Iran agrees to broad concessions on its missile arsenal (Iran’s sole serious defense against attack!) and (other legitimate) regional military policies.”

“Also some (Dems) in Congress aligned with Republicans on the Iranian issue.”

“The blatant truth is that” this hardline alliance in cahoots with Israel wants the JCPOA dissolved, not renewed.

“The absolute truth is that the US does not at all oppose tyranny nor human rights violations.” 

“The idea that it does is a complete myth.” 

“Yet this myth is believed because the US has used it justify wars, bombings, sanctions and chaos for decades, and especially during this century.” 

“(B)ecome an enemy of the US government is a failure to submit to whatever the (it) demands.” 

“And this is quite simply insane. And one huge reason why the US is becoming a failed and reviled country.”

“It’s a wonder Iran has not said goodbye to the JCPOA and with great energy shored up its relations with Russia and China as a bulwark against attack by the US, and its criminal allies such as Saudi Arabia and Israel.”

Whenever attempted, diplomatic outreach to the US fails time and again.

There’s virtually no prospect for the US engaging in good faith with nations free from its control.

Reality is self-evident. Diplomatic outreach to its ruling regimes is a waste of time, betrayal assured virtually always.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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