NYT Praises Measure Facilitating Election Theft and Restricting Free Speech

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March 5, 2021
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March 5, 2021

NYT Praises Measure Facilitating Election Theft and Restricting Free Speech

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

What the pro-war, pro-mass-jabbing with toxins, anti-societies fit to live in NYT called passage of “landmark voting rights” legislation by the House on Wednesday is a measure with draconian provisions no just societies would tolerate.

The Orwellian-named For the People Act isn’t all bad. 

It includes provisions that deserve widespread support.

It’s ruined by other unacceptable ones.

It’s much too lengthy, combining several bills together that should be considered separately — adopting what improves the electoral process, rejecting the rest. 

The Times wants what’s unacceptable to facilitate repeat of grand theft Election 2020 — elevating losers Biden/Harris to power over winner Trump.

It’ll likely be remembered as the most brazen ever US election theft in the nation’s history — aided by federal and state courts, including the nation’s highest, along establishment media press agents, supporting the scam they should have denounced.

The Times tried reinventing the Dem-controlled House passed measure it falsely called “most significant enhancement of federal voting protections since the 1960s (sic),” adding:

It’s “the latest bid by (Dems) to beat back Republican efforts in statehouses across the country to enact new barriers to voting that would consolidate power for the Republican Party amid false claims of rampant election fraud heralded by former President Donald J. Trump and many of his allies in Congress (sic).”

Post-election theft last November, the Times and other major media went all-out to conceal indisputable fraud to aid Biden replace Trump.

They support legislation to facilitate more of the same in future elections — at time same time, wanting exposure of manipulative dirty tricks suppressed, the right of free expression curbed.

All along for weeks, the Times falsely claimed that no Election 2020 fraud occurred.

It was and remains indisputable. Overwhelming evidence proved it.

When US elections are held, ordinary Americans have no say over who holds key positions of power — decided by the nation’s ruling class.

Whenever US elections are held, they’re farcical, polar opposite democracy in action. 

Results always turn out the same way. Dirty business as usual continuity always wins.

Wealth, power and privilege alone are served in the misnamed land of the free and home of the brave, the indispensable state.

A democracy in name only, the real thing virtually banned, its self-proclaimed exceptionalism and moral superiority are illusory, not real.

The real state of the nation is increasingly totalitarian, unsafe, unfit to live in, and worsening over time.

Hypocrisy, not democracy, defines its true state – a plutocratic, oligarchic, kleptocratic police state.

Declining politically, economically, financially, industrially, socially and culturally while China, Russia, and other nations are rising, it doesn’t give a damn about ordinary people — to be exploited, not served.

Its ruling class is in denial, brainwashed by its own propaganda, reinforced by press agent media.

Its members are preoccupied with enforcing social control and scoffing up all they can steal by transferring public wealth to themselves.

The state of the nation is deteriorating, going the way of all empires, victims of the own arrogance, heading for history’s dustbin.

The long ago/now gone land of opportunity in name only is no exception to the rule.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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