On All Things Iran, Israel Calls the Shots?

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March 4, 2021
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March 4, 2021

On All Things Iran, Israel Calls the Shots?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

During his confirmation hearing, Secretary of State Blinken said it’s “vitally important” for the US to consult with Israel and Arab allies on all things Iran — including a potential Biden regime return to the JCPOA.

With attribution to Orwell, all US allies are equal but some are more equal than others — what applies to US relations with Israel since establishment of the Jewish state on stolen Palestinian land.

Will Biden, Blinken, and other regime hardliners give Israel final say up or down on returning to JCPOA compliance and other US policies toward Iran?

Like their US/Western counterparts, Netanyahu and hardliners around him perpetuate the myth of an Iranian nuclear weapons threat — knowing there is none.

According to Israeli propaganda, they falsely claim that returning to the JCPOA as affirmed by the Security Council in 2015 “will pave the way for Iran’s path to a nuclear arsenal (sic).”

Last month, Netanyahu said his regime maintains close contact with Washington on Iran.

Wanting the JCPOA abandoned in its current form, Israel may get its wish based on hostile actions by the US toward Iran since Biden replaced Trump.

According to Israel’s Ynet News on Tuesday:

“Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi said Israel and the (US) agreed that neither nation will make decisions pertaining to Iran and the Iran nuclear deal without informing the other first.” 

“If anyone thought the Americans would run to make an agreement with Iran, it did not happen up until now, and I hope it will not happen going forward,” said Ashkenzai, adding:

Relations with the US under Biden are good. He stays in close contact with his US counterpart Blinken.

“There is a decision by a small forum constituting of the prime minister, the defense minister, foreign minister and the heads of the defense establishment to enter a dialogue with them…” 

They “discuss Israeli interests and how to forge a great agreement that will safeguard Israeli and regional interests and prevent a nuclear Iran (sic).” 

“Our policy is to exhaust this dialogue in person and to professionally converse with the Americans as allies.”

Virtually all US/Western and Israeli accusations against Iran are fabricated.

For the US-dominated West, hostility toward Iran is all about its freedom from Washington’s control.

For Israel, Iran stands in its way of its sought regional supremacy.

US/Western, Israeli hostility toward Iran is unrelated to propaganda claims of a nuclear and other threats that don’t exist.

Biden and hardliners around him match Trump’s maximum pressure, their rhetoric alone differing.

On Tuesday, after assaulting Russia with a litany of bald-faced Big Lies about Navalny, Blinken spokesman Price turned his attention to Iran.

He lied accusing the Islamic Republic of “malign activity (and) dangerous adventurism in the region” — longstanding US, NATO, Israeli actions, polar opposite how Iran operates.

He lied claiming the Biden regime “remains willing to re-engage in meaningful diplomacy to help bring about a mutual return to compliance with the JCPOA commitments (sic).”

Iran is in full compliance with its provisions, what the US and E3 flagrantly breached, showing no intention of reversing policy, no plan to engage with Iran in good faith diplomacy.

According to anti-ISIS Kataib al-Imam Ali resistance group commander Ayyoub Faleh al-Hassan al-Rubai’ee:

“It is clear that Joe Biden intends to bring the ISIS back to Iraq, Syria and other parts of the region, and (his regime) will do its utmost to stir insecurity in the region.”

“We are always prepared on the scene of battle against ISIL and (other) takfiri terroris(ts).”

It’s also clear that Biden regime hardliners have no intention of shifting from maximum pressure to engaging in good faith diplomacy with Iran.

Separately by letter to Biden, hardline GOP senators falsely accused Iran of posing a “serious threat to US security (sic),” adding:

Washington’s “strategic aim is to halt (Iran’s nonexistent) nuclear ambitions and (nonexistent) destabilizing activities in the region.” 

They oppose returning to the JCPOA by the US.

Last week, Senator Tom Cotton and 40 other GOP congressional members introduced legislation to prohibit lifting of illegally imposed Trump regime sanctions on Iran.

Based on its actions so far, it’s clear that the Biden regime has no intention of softening maximum pressure on Iran, of lifting sanctions, or returning to the JCPOA as unanimously affirmed by Security Council members.

It’s further proof that engaging with the US diplomatically is a waste of time.

Unbending US war on Iran continues with virtually no prospect of ending it.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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