Russian Foreign Ministry on US Big Lies, German Hostility and Other Issues

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March 6, 2021
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March 7, 2021

Russian Foreign Ministry on US Big Lies, German Hostility and Other Issues

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova slammed US State Department spokesman Ned Price’s  “preposterous criticism of Russian authorities over (fake news about) infringement of journalists’ interests in the country.”

His source: so-called US Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty anti-Russia disinformation.

MZ: The US propaganda operation “has been fined for numerous violations of Russian law regarding the requirement to ensure the basic identification of their materials as those of a foreign agent.” 

“At present, 260 administrative cases have been filed against this media outlet and 142 fines have been imposed in an amount which may go well beyond 70 million roubles.”

“(F)ines” followed numerous warnings that were “ignored.”

“This was done deliberately and demonstratively. Such disregard for the laws of the host country is flatly unacceptable.”

Russia imposes no restrictions on activities of US/Western journalists in the country, MZ stressed.

Its policies are polar opposite draconian US harshness against journalists from Russia and other nations free from its control.

MZ: “(W)e see the farfetched claims by the US side as nothing more than Washington’s arrogant attempt to interfere in the operations of the judicial system of a sovereign nation.”

So-called Western democracy is a deceptive figure of speech that’s far removed from reality.

MZ slammed closure of RT DE and Ruptly Information Services bank accounts by Germany’s Commerzbank.

Effective May 31, closure reflects a state-sponsored attempt to block their financial transactions.

MZ: “Dozens of large German and international banks, as well as regional financial institutions, which…RT contacted refused to cooperate with them without providing any reasonable grounds.”

What’s going on is an attempt by Berlin to block Russian German-language broadcasting in the country — an act of deliberate censorship.

MZ: “We consider (this) hostile attitude towards the Russian media unacceptable. These media outlets are performing their legitimate professional activities abroad.” 

“We regard the steps to close Russian news agency accounts an element of political pressure and a clear violation of Germany’s commitment to ensure freedom of speech and of the media.” 

‘We will not accept any references to “corporate rules’ because this is not true.”

Like Britain and other EU bloc countries, Germany is allied with US hostility toward Moscow.

Separately in cahoots with US dark forces, German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass continued perpetuating fake news about Russian “annexation” of Crimea.

Ignoring overwhelming peninsula sentiment to rejoin motherland Russia, Moscow legally obliged Crimeans. 

It was in full accord with the UN Charter and Helsinki Final Act on the right of nations to self-determination.

Mass and other Western Russophobes falsely pretend otherwise.

They perpetuate numerous other Big Lies about Russia — while supporting US-installed fascist tyranny in Ukraine and other pro-Western despotic regime.

Ukraine is festering hotbed of international law violations.

MZ accused its communications regulator of blocking online media outlets.

Citing a police state court ruling, 426 websites were blocked.

MZ: The Ukrainian regime “attempted to camouflage the country’s censorship policy and yet another attempt to remove undesirable media outlets from the national information space.”

“(R)estrictive measures have been adopted against news, sports and entertainment resources and thematic forums, including Russian outlets such as RBC, Argumenty Nedeli, Inforpressa, Novosti Ukrainy and the Live Journal social network, as well as a number of Ukrainian sources of information.”

“(I)llegal restrictions (were) adopted on the basis of far-fetched pretexts.”

Kiev is waging war on speech, media and academic freedoms — suppressing content that diverges from state-approved propaganda.

Similar practices are increasing in the US and other Western countries.

Free and open societies are vanishing in plain sight, totalitarian harshness replacing them.

Commenting on endless Big Lies about Navalny proliferated by Western regimes, Russophobic UN agencies are allied with them, including the UN Human Rights Council, MZ saying:

Falsely echoing US and UK Big Lies, “(t)hey (falsely accused Russia of) attempted assassination.”

Nothing of the sort occurred, no evidence suggesting it.

When Big Lies and other forms of mass deception are repeated endlessly, they take on a life of their own, drowning out truth-telling reality.

MZ: “(N)o country, organization or laboratory has so far provided Russia with any evidence of Navalny’s poisoning with some war gas listed by the specialized Chemical Weapons Convention.” 

“We got nothing” because there’s no evidence to send. None exists.

Navalny wasn’t poisoned. What nations making false accusations against Russia know, their statements and actions pretend otherwise — in cahoots with US dark forces.

MZ: “(T)he so-called Navalny case is a provocation that has been artificially elevated to an international level, so as to create a false agenda in the media space that would distract the global public from truly topical problems, and that can serve as a tool for interfering in Russia’s domestic affairs.”

By bullying, pressuring, and/or bribing, US dark forces get foreign officials to support its Russia-bashing agenda.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell is one of many EU officials partnering with Washington’s imperial agenda that includes endless war on Russia by other means.

MZ slammed him saying he “could not resist the urge to put forth unfounded accusations against our country…” 

“He cobbled together all the old Russophobic cliches, myths and hackneyed tales widespread in the Western media.” 

“According to him, Russia seeks to undermine the unity and democratic achievements (sic) of the European Union, tries to mislead and intimidate ordinary Europeans, and wants to plant in their minds” other fake news about Russia.

“Where did Borrell get all this? Clearly from his superiors in Washington!

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