US War on Humanity at the UNHRC

Interventionist Blinken Threatens Confrontation with China and Russia
March 30, 2021
Biden Regime Pushing the Envelope for War with Russia and China?
March 30, 2021

US War on Humanity at the UNHRC

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Why are flagrant human rights abusers USA, UK, France, Canada, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Ukraine, and other rogue states on the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC)?

Claiming to promote and protect human rights is defied and defiled by their membership.

Reporting on what it called “key outcomes of the HRC’s 46th session,” the Biden regime’s State Department published the following disinformation.

It excludes US high crimes of war and against humanity by hot and/or other means against invented enemies.

Nor are its flagrant worldwide human rights abuses mentioned that include major homeland high crimes against ordinary people so privileged ones can benefit.

On all things related to human rights, the US is the world’s leading offender by far.

Its Human Rights Council membership is a flagrant rule of law abuse.

What it called “key outcomes” listed below are what just societies consider high crimes too grievous to ignore.

The Biden regime co-sponsored a resolution together with its imperial partners that falsely accused Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of atrocities committed by the US, its partners in high crimes, and jihadist foot soldiers against long-suffering Syrians.

What it falsely called a peaceful March 2011 “uprising” was US launched aggression against Syria and its people by the Obama/Biden regime.

Claiming the US stands with the Syrian people and defends human rights turned reality on its head.

Endless US aggression shows no signs of ending because its ruling hardliners reject conflict resolution, the rule of law, Syrian sovereignty, and rights of its people.

The Biden regime condemned Belarus for foiling its predecessor’s coup attempt to topple the country’s legitimate government.

It slammed sovereign independent Nicaragua for preserving its sovereignty despite heavy-handed US efforts to eliminate it.

It co-sponsored hostile resolutions against nonbelligerent Iran and North Korea.

It failed to intimidate China at the HRC, its ruling authorities no longer tolerating US bullying.

The US abhors democracy as it should be, tolerating it nowhere, not at home or abroad.

Its worldwide human rights abuses exceed the worst of other rogue states.

It’s hostile to virtually everything just societies hold dear, operating by its own rules exclusively, having long ago abandoned the rule of law.

It mass-imprisons countless thousands for political reasons in its global gulag of torture prisons.

It partners with an array of tinpot despots, while waging war on social democrats and all nations unwilling to bend to its will.

It lies, cheats, and commits virtually every type high crime imaginable — while blaming other nations for its rule of law breaches.

It defends apartheid Israel, supporting the worst of its high crimes against Occupied Palestinians, opposing their right to self-determination and freedom from Jewish state oppression.

By pressure, bullying and bribes, the Biden regime got 26 of 47 HRC member states to support its hostile-to-Iran resolution.

It was narrowly adopted on the final day of the HRC’s 46th regular session.

Iran’s Deputy Judiciary chief/head of its High Council for Human Rights Ali Baqeri Kani explained that anti-Iran Biden regime hardliners failed to get majority HRC support for their hostile resolution.

It was adopted by a 21 to 12 margin with 14 abstentions.

It’s grievously biased, out of touch with reality, and contemptuous of sovereign Iranian rights.

It’s more evidence that hardliners in charge of Biden’s geopolitical agenda have no intention of softening their toughness on Iran, no intention of lifting illegal sanctions, no intention of fulfilling Washington’s JCPOA obligations — clear intention of continuing all-out US war on the country by other means because its ruling authorities won’t sell their soul to imperial USA.

Kari stressed that accusations against Iran in the HRC’s resolution were fabricated in deference to US interests, adding:

“The mechanism for appointment and renewal of the mandate of the special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran is a clear example of the victimization of the rights of the Iranian people in the political interests of a number of states which have accompanied, sponsored and supported the enemies of the Iranian people, as well as the violators of their rights.”

The Biden regime exceeds the worst of its predecessor. 

Along with continuing US wars by hot and/or other means on invented enemies, it’s waging all-out war on ordinary Americans to benefit privileged ones.

Along with other abuses, it wants them mass-jabbed with toxic drugs that don’t protect and are causing exponentially rising numbers of mass casualties, including large numbers of deaths.

It’s led by a hollow unelected president who’s too cognitively and physically deteriorated to carry out White House duties or comprehend what’s being done in his name.

That’s the deplorable state of the US today — a belligerent state, a rogue state, a fantasy democracy, a nation hostile to peace, equity, justice, the rule of law, and fundamental rights of ordinary people everywhere.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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