Escalated Russia Bashing by Biden Regime Hardliners

Escalated Russia Bashing by Biden Regime Hardliners

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Biden regime is stacked with a rogue’s gallery of belligerent hardliners.

Hostile to world peace and stability, they never met a nonbelligerent/nonthreatening nation free from US control they didn’t want smashed.

Familiar names and faces are back, figures responsible for raping and destroying Syria and Libya.

They replaced democracy in Ukraine with Nazi-infested fascist tyranny, installed despotic regimes in Haiti, Honduras, Paraguay and Brazil, backed Israeli aggression on Gazans, and waged endless war  by other means on Bolivarian Venezuelan — wanting fascist tyranny replacing it social democracy.

Supporting Plan Colombia aid, they were complicit with massacres, disappearances and torture of regime opponents. 

Their anti-Sino/Russia policies risked confrontation with both countries.

Domestically, they more greatly thirdworldized America by force-fed austerity, shifted national wealth to Wall Street, war-profiteers and other corporate favorites — while enforcing police state harshness against nonbelievers.

Back for an encore under selected, not elected, Biden/Harris, maybe they’ll destroy planet earth by their reckless agenda to own it.

Ukraine is ground zero for possible Biden regime war in Europe’s heartland that’ll risk global war 3.0 if things are pushed too far.

During his Monday press briefing, interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price recited his usual litany of bald-faced Big Lies, saying the following:

“(W)e are concerned by recent escalating Russian aggressions in eastern Ukraine (sic), including credible reports (sic) that have been emanating about Russian troop movements on Ukraine’s borders and occupied Crimea (sic).”

In stark contrast to endless US wars on invented enemies, risking new ones, exploiting ordinary Americans, provocatively occupying other nations, and waging war by other means on many countries, Russia fosters world peace, stability, and cooperative relations with other nations, confrontation with none — except in self-defense if necessary, its UN Charter right.

Price lied claiming Russia committed ceasefire violations in Ukraine.

He lied holding Moscow responsible for the deaths of Kiev conscripts along the contact line with Donbass.

He defied reality by falsely accusing Russia of “destabilizing actions (sic) (that) undermine deescalation intentions (sic) achieved through the OSCE-brokered agreement of July of last year (sic).”

Destabilization and endless wars on humanity in multiple theaters is how the US operates — not Russia or other nations free from the scourge of US imperial control.

US provocations occur worldwide on a virtual daily basis — none by Russia, a peacemaker, not a belligerent like US hardline regimes.

Washington’s “Ukrainian counterparts” enforce tyranny over governance of, by, and for everyone equitably.

They’ve been waging intermittent war on Donbass for the past seven years — serving US imperial interests.

If they permit Biden regime hardliners to push them for full-scale war that threatens Russia’s security, its superior forces could smash Ukrainian conscripts into submission in a few days.

The US doesn’t give a damn about Ukrainian interests or rights of its people.

The Biden regime is using Ukraine’s military as a proxy force to advance its imperial aims against nonbelligerent Russia.

No “intimidation and aggression” by its military exists, no “provocative” troop movements, no occupation of Crimea. 

Price lied claiming otherwise. Like most others in Washington, he’s a serial liar/suppressor of hard truths. 

It’s longstanding US/Western policy.

Unlike aggressive, intimidating US actions against numerous nonbelligerent nations threatening no one, Russian “troop movements”  aren’t “provocative.’

They’re entirely within its own territory, its legitimate right under international law.

White House press secretary Psaki recited her own litany of Russophobic bald-faced Big Lies.

Turning reality on its head, she falsely accused Russia of “aggression and escalations in eastern Ukraine (sic).”

No Russian buildup near its border threatens invasion.

On Monday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov stressed that its military threatens no one.

It’s taken defensive steps “it considers necessary,” ignoring fake “signals” of concern by the US and its imperial partners.

A Final Comment

On Tuesday, Ryabkov said “we have had contact with the (Biden regime) on the situation in the Donbass, and we have exhaustively explained to their side what is happening,” adding:

“Washington should be concerned about the consequences of” pushing its Kiev proxy to escalate war near Russia’s borders.

Separately according to Kiev official Aleksey Arestovich:

“A large-scale NATO exercise has begun called DefenderEurope 2021.”

“This basically translates to Defend Europe” against a nonexistent Russian threat — invented by the US to advance its imperial aims.

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