Mixed Biden Regime JCPOA Messages

Mixed Biden Regime JCPOA Messages?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Cognitively impaired Biden is out of touch and uninvolved in what’s going on in his name domestically and abroad.

Interventionist Blinken is pushing for war in central Europe bordering Russia with Ukrainian conscripts as cannon fodder if the Biden regime pushes things this far — a real possibility.

On all things Iran, Blinken and other Biden regime hardliners demand a “longer and stronger” JCPOA — with unacceptable provisions designed to weaken the Islamic Republic, what its ruling authorities clearly won’t accept.

Are Blinken and Biden regime envoy for regime change in Iran Robert Malley playing good cop/bad cop games with Tehran?

While Blinken and likeminded hardliners make unacceptable demands on Iran in return for hollow promises to be broken, Malley went another way on Friday, saying the following:

“The goal (of Vienna talks, continuing this week that may go on for some time) is to see whether we can agree on what steps the US needs to take to come back into compliance with the nuclear deal and what steps Iran has to take to come back into compliance with the nuclear deal.”

Fact: There’s no ambiguity about required steps.

They’re as simple as lifting illegally imposed sanctions on Iran and returning to JCPOA compliance as mandated by Security Council Res. 2231 by the US side.

They’re steps it refused to take so far — nor shown an intention to comply with its international law obligations.

Yet according to good cop Malley, the US side is “going to have to lift those sanctions that are inconsistent with the deal that was reached with Iran…so that (it can) enjoy the benefits that it was supposed to enjoy under the deal.”

Bad cop Blinken and others like him said and did nothing to suggest that Malley’s remarks reflect Biden regime sentiment, just the opposite.

Malley also said that if both sides stick to “maximalist positions…it’s hard to see how” talks in Vienna can succeed.

Unlike the US, Iran’s position conforms to the rule of law — what Washington flagrantly breached.

The ball is in Biden’s court. Complying with Security Council Res. 2231 is all that’s needed to reach agreement with Iran on the JCPOA.

Biden officials keep Israel informed on all things Iran.

According to an unnamed Netanyahu regime official, if Biden returns to JCPOA compliance, Israel is concerned.

Like Blinken, Israeli hardliners want a longer, stronger JCPOA, ideally no deal.

US, UK, EU, and Israeli hardliners maintain the myth of an Iranian nuclear weapons program — knowing there is none.

At the same time, Israel is not expecting a JCPOA breakthrough in Vienna, according to its unnamed official, adding:

“Iran…refus(es) any new declarations or plans.”

It “has a tough stance of returning to the JCPOA and removing all sanctions.”

Its “stance” is based on adhering to the rule of law —what the US remains in breach of.

If hardliners in charge of Biden’s geopolitical agenda fail to comply with what’s mandated — what’s most likely — it’s hard to see how Vienna talks can succeed.

A Final Comment

On Friday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the following:

“Special attention (in Vienna is) focused on measures the US (must) take to correct its breaches of the JCPOA and to cancel its anti-Iranian sanctions, as well as on Iran’s reciprocal steps to unfreeze its commitments both in terms of the nuclear program’s reshaping and in terms of ensuring its transparency.”

Separately, Sergey Lavrov earlier said that if both sides stick to their positions, talks “may last forever” and accomplish nothing.

At this time, that’s where things appear to be heading.

And whatever promises the US side may make — if any — it’s virtually certain that they’ll be broken like always before.

It’s why negotiating with the US is a waste of time — making unacceptable demands, offering nothing in return but hollow promises when any are made.

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