Biden Regime Pushing for War on Russia?

Biden Regime Pushing for War on Russia?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

What interventionist Blinken calls “reckless…adversarial actions” by Russia is how the US operates at home and abroad, not Moscow.

What his spokesman Price calls “profound (Biden regime)  disagreements with the Russian Federation” were made-in-the-USA, not at the Kremlin.

No “Russian attempts to destabilize the West” exist, no military threat against any country.

Hostile Biden regime actions against Russia risks turning escalated Cold War hot.

More illegal US sanctions on Russia are coming for invented/illegitimate reasons.

According to unnamed Biden regime officials, Russian diplomats in Washington may be expelled, others close to Vladimir Putin sanctioned.

Biden regime hardliners falsely accused Moscow of US election meddling (sic), offering the Taliban bounties to kill Pentagon troops in Afghanistan (sic), cyber-attacking SolarWinds (sic), poisoning Navalny (sic), and likely more illegitimate accusations to come.

Illegal Biden regime sanctions on Russia in March were prelude for likely stiffer unlawful ones in the works.

When Biden — or his impersonator — called Putin a “killer,” warning that he’ll “pay a price,” US Cold War on Russia escalated a step closer to possibly turning hot by accident or design.

On Wednesday, White House spokeswoman Psaki said Biden regime hardliners intend “hold(ing)  Russia to account for its reckless and adversarial actions (sic).”

It’s how the US operates, notably when undemocratic Dems control things in Washington like now.

Russia under Vladimir Putin operates by higher standards — notably by waging peace, not war, respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other nations, and observing international law — polar opposite US war on humanity at home and abroad.

US-orchestrated war by Kiev on Donbass along Russia’s border has its forces mobilized to respond defensively if necessary.

Earlier this week, Russia’s Security Council secretary Nikolai Patrushev said Moscow has no intention of intervening cross-border, adding:

“(W)e are closely watching the situation. Concrete measures will be taken depending on how it develops” — to protect Russian Federation security.

Separately, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said “Russia’s armed forces are (in its own) territory in places it considers necessary and appropriate.”

“(T)hey will stay there for as long as our military leadership and supreme commander consider it appropriate.”

Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) leader (in Donbass) Denis Pushilin said the following in response to escalated Kiev aggression:

“The situation on the line of contact remains, alas, extremely unpeaceful.” 

“The situation is escalating and changing for the worse. The amount of (preemptive) shelling (by Kiev forces) is increasing.”

Military spokesman for the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) in Donbass Yakov Osadchy said the following:

“Throughout the past day, militants of (Kiev’s) 59th brigade have been shelling Logvinovo from the direction of Luganskoye by order of the military criminal Gennady Shapovalov, with the use of a 120mm mortar (rounds) banned by the Minsk agreements.”

At the same time, US-controlled Ukraine abandoned Minsk peace talks — agreements its ruling regimes never observed.

According to Peskov, US-installed puppet Zelensky never advanced peace along the Contact Line between Ukraine and Donbass “one iota” — in deference to his imperial master in Washington.

The 2014 Minsk Protocol peace deal — agreed to by Kiev, Moscow, the OSCE, the DPR and LPR — is “dead,” Peskov explained — because US hardliners want endless war along Russia’s borders.

“(R)eaching new agreements (with US-controlled Kiev) is impossible, because how can one resolve a conflict if one side (won’t) communicate with the other” and rejects peace, Peskov added.

On Tuesday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said his government held emergency talks with Biden regime officials in an attempt to prevent full-scale war by Kiev on Donbass, adding:

US-dominated Western rhetoric is “increasingly belligerent.”

Hardliners in “Washington should be concerned about the consequences of this coordinated policy” for escalated war along Russia’s borders.

Defying reality, the Biden regime “call(ed) on Russia to refrain from escalatory actions (sic)” — engaged in by the US and puppet regime in Kiev, not Moscow.

Days earlier, Ukrainian official Aleksey Arestovich said ongoing large-scale (US-controlled) DefenderEurope 2021 military exercises in European Baltic states are all-about preparing for possible war with Russia, adding:

Drills focus on areas “from the waters of the Baltic to the Black Sea, to put it bluntly, armed confrontation with Russia.”

Cognitively and physically impaired figurehead Biden is uninvolved and perhaps unaware of reckless actions by his regime’s hardline/interventionist geopolitical team.

In short order after replacing Trump — illegitimately by brazen election rigging — escalated US Cold War it’s waging on Russia risks turning things hot. 

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