Neocon WaPo Blames Russia for US-Orchestrated War on Donbass

Neocon WaPo Blames Russia for US-Orchestrated War on Donbass

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Hardline neocon extremists run WaPo’s pro-war, anti-peace, equity and justice propaganda machine.

They’re militantly hostile toward sovereign states free from US imperial control — notably nonbelligerent Russia threatening no one.

In its latest edition, WaPo editors once again invented their own fabricated reality.

Falsely accusing Putin of “threatening war with Ukraine (sic)” ignored made-in-the-USA war on Donbass by Kiev putschists, what’s been ongoing intermittently since 2014.

In recent weeks, US-orchestrated conflict escalated along the contact line between Kiev and the Donbass People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Full responsibility for what’s going on lies in Washington, other key NATO capitals, and US-colonized Ukraine — a Nazi-infested fascist police state.

Neocon WaPo falsely accused Putin of “raising tensions to just below the boiling point with neighboring Ukraine (sic).”

It falsely accused Donbass freedom fighters of “shredd(ing)” an agreed on ceasefire — Kiev responsible for breaching it, following US orders.

Biden regime hardliners, their subservient NATO partners, and Kiev proxies escalated propaganda and hot war on nonbelligerent Donbass.

Pro-Western/US-installed Ukrainian puppet president Zelensky is a caricature of what leadership is supposed to be.

Serving US imperial interests in Europe’s heartland, he risks embroiling Ukraine in conflict with militarily superior Russia — able to smash its conscript force in short order if threatens its nationals in Donbass.

Ignoring reality about what’s going on along the contact line between Ukraine and Donbass, WaPo invented its own — falsely accusing Russia and Donetsk/Lugansk freedom fighters of “aggression” launched by Kiev.

The Biden regime is pouring arms and munitions into Ukraine for escalated war on Donbass by Pentagon/CIA armed, trained and directed conscript proxies.

WaPo called for supplying Kiev with more weapons, equipment and training — to escalate aggression along the contact line with Donbass.

It urged more (illegal) US sanctions on Moscow and increased toughness against its Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany and Europe.

“Putin must not be allowed to (wage) war against Ukraine,” it roared — launched by US Kiev proxies on Donbass in 2014, not by Russia or Donetsk/Lugansk freedom fighters.

US-led Western media propaganda against nonbelligerent sovereign independent nations — threatening no one like Russia — never quits.

Invented US enemies are falsely blamed for aggression against them by Washington and/or its proxies.

US-orchestrated conflict by Kiev forces on Donbass risks escalation to full-scale war — that could involve direct confrontation between the world’s leading nuclear powers USA and Moscow.

On Thursday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned that Biden regime “hostility and unpredictability (requires Moscow) to be prepared for the worst scenarios.”

Separately, Sergey Lavrov said Russia “will respond to any (US) unfriendly steps. That goes without saying.”

If US-orchestrated full-scale war by Ukraine on Donbass occurs in the weeks or months ahead, all bets are off.

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