Russian Foreign Ministry on Moscow’s Rutube and Ukraine Aggression

Russian Foreign Ministry on Moscow’s Rutube and Ukraine Aggression

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) said Moscow is expanding its social media and other online platforms.

It’s challenging US-dominated Western Internet monopolies.

In cahoots with US dark forces, Facebook, Twitter, other anti-social media, gatekeeper Google, YouTube, and other Western tech giants operate as censoring machines — wanting content that conflicts with the official narrative suppressed.

The new US/Western abnormal threatens speech, media and academic freedoms.

Digital democracy — the last frontier of media freedom — is targeted for elimination.

What’s going on is part of the diabolical new world order Great Reset plot to transform world community nations into dystopian ruler/serf societies — powerful interests owning everything, ordinary people nothing, enforced with police state harshness.

MZ explained that Russia established a Rutube to operate free from Western control in pursuit of its interests at the expense of world peace, equity, justice and the rule of law.

Russian Rutube video operations is a pilot project, MZ adding:

It’s “a huge step towards becoming an alternative to Western video hosting platforms.”

It differs from US platforms by being “free from IT monopolist censorship, rigged search queries, and non-transparent algorithms.”

“We are tired of internet monopoli(stic) censorship” by the US-dominated West. 

“This must be countered not only with statements and demands, but concrete actions as well, which we did.”

In response to Biden regime hardliners transformation of the border between Russia and Ukraine into the world’s top hot spot — in pursuit of their diabolical aims — MZ said the following:

“Kiev’s belligeren(ce)” threatens regional peace and stability.

Simmering US-orchestrated conflict along Russia’s border risks full-scale war.

Directed by US hardliners, “(t)roops and military equipment are being deployed there” in large numbers. 

“Reservist mobilization plans are being updated.” 

“Ukrainian media are fanning hysteria about a mythical Russian threat and Moscow’s plans to attack Ukraine very soon.” 

“All this is happening at the prompting of Kiev’s (US-dominated) Western sponsors.”

In response to US-installed Ukrainian puppet president Zelensky call for his nation to join NATO — a hostile to peace and stability alliance for endless wars — MZ warned of irreversible consequences for” US colonized Ukraine if admitted to the killing machine alliance.

MZ’s call for the US-controlled Zelensky regime to seek peace over war along Ukraine’s border with Donbass fell on deaf ears in Kiev and its imperial master in Washington.

On orders from Biden regime hardliners, Zelensky escalated conflict with Donbass over regional peace and stability.

MZ admitted that “goodwill gestures from Russia” to deescalate (made-in-the-USA) conflict won’t likely “have any positive effect on the peaceful resolution of this crisis.”

Days earlier, the Zelensky regime imposed illegal sanctions on Russian organizations — including the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo).”

MZ: Kiev sanctions contradict the “Agreement on the Establishment and the Terms of Functioning of Information and Cultural Centers signed by the Russian and Ukrainian governments on February 27, 1998.”

Russia most often responds in its own way at times of its choosing to hostile actions by other countries. 

Separately, MZ noted that Russian Security Council secretary Nikolay Patrushev addressed the issue of US “military-related biological activity, including near Russian borders.”

Moscow is acting to counter the growing threat.

Its officials warned about “US military biological activity in the post-Soviet countries.”

The Pentagon and CIA have a long history of waging chemical, biological and radiological war on invented enemies.

Do Biden regime hardliners intend use of these and other banned weapons against Russia and other nations free from US control?

Moscow will do what’s necessary to protect the nation’s security from hostile actions by the US and/or its imperial partners.

If Biden regime hardliners escalate shelling by Kiev proxy fighters to full-blown aggression on Donbass along Russia’s border, the Kremlin will surely act to protect its territory and citizens in harm’s way.

At the same time, Russian officials will go all-out to deescalate conflict so not to let it cross a point of no return.

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