Turkey’s Erdogan Partnered with Fascist Ukraine

Turkey’s Erdogan Partnered with Fascist Ukraine

by  Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Hostile to the rule of law, Erdogan is an enemy of conflict resolution in Syria and along Russia’s border with Ukraine.

He’s strategically allied with US-installed Ukrainian puppet president Zelensky.

In February 2020 by joint statement, he affirmed Turkey’s “unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity (sic).”

At the time, Zelensky said “(a)n agreement on military-financial cooperation has been adopted…under which the Ukrainian military will receive financial assistance from the Turkish partners.”

Pretending to back conflict resolution along Russia’s border with Ukraine, Erdogan called for returning Donbass and Crimea to Kiev’s control.

On Saturday, he repeated the following:

“We stand for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty (sic).” 

“We reiterated our principles decision not to recognize Crimea’s annexation (sic).” 

“We support Ukraine’s initiative of the Crimean Platform geared to consolidate the international community around Crimea (sic).” 

“We hope this initiative will yield positive results for all Crimean peoples (sic).”

In March 2020, Crimean and Sevastopol lawmakers declared independence from Nazi-infested fascist Ukraine.

By referendum, Crimeans and Sevastopol residents overwhelmingly voted to return to Russia, wanting a historic error corrected.

Following Obama/Biden’s 2014 coup that transformed democratic Ukraine into a fascist dictatorship, the Donbass people’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk broke away — refusing to be ruled tyrannically.

In reaffirming his strategic partnership with fascist Ukraine, Erdogan expressed support for Kiev’s Crimean Platform.

It calls for returning the Russian Republic of Crimea to Ukraine’s control by whatever it takes to achieve this objective.

Erdogan also backs what Russia won’t tolerate — NATO membership for Ukraine, along with expanding military cooperation between both fascist regimes.

He and Zelensky vowed to cooperate militarily in the region “through bilateral and multilateral mechanisms, including NATO.”

Reciting talking points supplied him by Russophobic Biden regime hardliners, Zelensky said Kiev and Ankara share common “visions (sic).”

They’re plotting ways to confront invented threats that don’t exist.

Supporting war in Europe’s heartland along Russia’s border, they pretend to back what Erdogan called “a basin of peace (in) the Black Sea region.”

Zelensky called Russian Crimea and independent Donbass “temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories (sic).”

Like US, UK, EU, and Israeli regimes, Erdogan can never be trusted — time and again agreeing to one thing, then going another way — falsely blaming others for his rule of law breaches. 

Allied with jihadists in Syria against Damascus, he supports Kiev in similar fashion in pursuit of his aim to expand Turkey’s borders by annexing territory of neighboring nations.

US-orchestrated shelling of Donbass by Kiev along their line of contact risks escalation to full-scale war — on Friday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov saying:

“The situation on the contact line in Ukraine is extremely unstable.”

“The dynamics of the development of this state of affairs, and the behavior of the Ukrainian side, creates the danger of a resumption of full-scale hostilities.”

Russia will respond as necessary to protect its security, Peskov adding:

If Kiev escalates war on Donbass, “no country in the world would stand aside.” 

“And all countries, including Russia, would take measures to prevent such tragedies from happening again.”


Biden regime hardliners are using colonized Ukraine to escalate conflict with Donbass along Russia’s border.

Last week, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said emergency talks were held between Russian diplomats and their Biden regime counterparts.

Moscow “exhaustively explained” what’s happening and threat it poses to regional security.

Russia seeks conflict resolution along its border with Ukraine.

Interventionist Blinken and other Biden regime hardliners want escalated war by Kiev on Donbass.

They want Russia drawn into the conflict with Ukraine — a way to falsely blame Moscow for US orchestrated aggression along its border.

Low-level cross-border exchanges between aggressor Kiev and Donbass freedom fighters could push the envelope toward full-scale war.

While it’s unclear how things will develop ahead, the risk is high of things unfolding this way ahead.

On Friday, Blinken’s deputy spokeswoman Jalina Porter falsely blamed Russia for US-orchestrated conflict by Kiev on Donbass.

Defying reality, she “commend(ed) Ukraine for its ongoing restraint (sic) in the face of Russia’s provocations (sic).”

If Biden regime hardliners want full-scale war in Europe’s heartland along Russia’s border, things may turn out this way — threatening world peace at the same time.

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