Biden Another FDR?

Biden Another FDR?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Leave it to NYT propaganda — press agent for undemocratic Dems — to suggest the absurdity of comparing Biden to Franklin Roosevelt.

No elaboration is needed but here goes anyway.

The only similarity between both figures is party label.

FDR was overwhelmingly elected and reelected three times, the only US president to serve more than two terms.

Term three was at the onset of WW II, term four beginning near its end.

Cognitively impaired and detached from reality and affairs of state Biden was selected, not elected, by brazen fraud — an illegitimate president, not the other way around.

What’s being done in his name domestically and abroad is hostile to virtually everything just societies hold dear.

Run by dominant hardliners, his regime is waging wars by hot and other means worldwide.

Its hostility toward Russia and China is pushing the envelope toward possible confrontation with nations able to hit back hard against aggressors if attacked.

At the same time, it’s waging war on ordinary people at home and abroad worldwide.

Their diabolical agenda aims to transform free and open societies into dystopian ruler/serf ones everywhere.

Their domestic agenda is worlds apart from FDR’s New Deal.

At a time of made-in-the-USA Main Street Depression with over one-fourth of working-age Americans jobless, policies pursued by Biden regime hardliners and Congress are harming ordinary people to benefit privileged ones exclusively.

It’s at a time when garden variety seasonal flu-renamed covid created dystopian conditions for the great majority of Americans — likely to worsen ahead, not improve.

Inventing its own reality, the Times nonsensically claimed that Biden regime domestic policies can “do amid (a nonexistent) pandemic what” FDR accomplished in the 1930s.

Saying Biden’s team can “restore faith that the long-distrusted federal government can deliver rapid, tangible achievements” ignores protracted state-sponsored horrors.

They’re designed to more greatly thirdworldize America than already and deceive millions to self-inflict harm from toxic experimental covid drugs.

Previously explained, FDR’s New Deal programs put millions of jobless Americans back to work, reinvigorated the national spirit, built or renovated 700,000 miles of roads, 7,800 bridges, 45,000 schools, 2,500 hospitals, 13,000 parks and playgrounds, 1,000 airfields, and undertook various other infrastructure projects.

Unemployment was reduced from its 25% peak in May 1933 to 11% in 1937.

After temporarily spiking higher,  pre-war production revived economic growth — ahead of full employment during WW II.

New Deal programs were worlds apart from today’s neoliberal harshness that exploits ordinary people to benefit privileged ones.

Claiming the Biden regime’s domestic agenda “is the same as” FDR’s New Deal mocks reality.

Ignored is mass unemployment and underemployment, along with unprecedented numbers of new weekly unemployment claims.

The Biden regime’s agenda does nothing to reverse the offshoring of industrial America to low-wage countries — at the cost of millions of lost domestic high-pay/good-benefit jobs.

It won’t magically reopen about four million US small businesses forced to shut down permanently since early 2020 — letting corporate giants consolidate to greater size and market dominance.

It’s done nothing to relieve growing poverty and food insecurity in the world’s richest country.

It won’t provide increasingly unaffordable medical care to millions of jobless and low income households earning poverty or sub-poverty wages with few or no benefits.

It won’t shift prioritized national spending for warmaking and to enrich Wall Street, other corporate favorites, and privileged interests overall to helping Main Street.

It won’t reinvigorate millions of impoverished former middle class US households.

It won’t stimulate long-stagnating economic growth.

It offers few or no opportunities I and my peers enjoyed long ago when entering the job market.

The nation I recall no longer exists.

Times pretense otherwise won’t change today’s dismal reality for ordinary Americans.

Dystopian new world order Great Reset policies US dark forces and their Western counterparts are pursuing assure permanent hard times ahead for ordinary people if they achieve their aims, not the other way around.

Times pretense otherwise won’t feed families, pay rent, service mortgages, cover medical expenses, pay for other essentials to life and well-being, or improve prospects for future generations.

America was never beautiful.

Today it’s increasingly unsafe and unfit to live in — nightmarish for countless millions of US households instead of the long ago eliminated land of opportunity I recall when entering the job market for the first time in 1960.

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