Lavrov on Cooperative Russian/Iranian Relations

Lavrov on Cooperative Russian/Iranian Relations

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Monday, Sergey Lavrov discussed Russia’s relationship with Iran, saying the following:

Bilateral relations between both countries “is one of Russia’s foreign policy priorities,” he explained.

March 12 marked the 20th anniversary of the Treaty on the Basis for Mutual Relations and the Principles of Cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation.

Ruling authorities of both countries agreed to build relations “based on the principles of equality and mutual trust,” Lavrov explained.

Moscow and Tehran “respect each other’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence, (noninterference) into each other’s internal affairs.”

“We are strengthening our ties in the political, trade, economic, scientific and technological, cultural, humanitarian and some other fields.”

“Implementation of major infrastructure projects is underway in Iran, including the construction and operation of the Bushehr nuclear power plant.”

Iranian nuclear facilities have no military component. Hostile-to-Iran US, other Western and Israeli regimes pretend otherwise. 

Moscow and Tehran are committed to working for preserving the landmark JCPOA nuclear deal — what US and Israeli dark forces are hellbent for eliminating.

Russia is committed to sustaining and enhancing ties to Iran, including increased trade and other economic cooperation, said Lavrov.

The North–South International Transport Corridor facilitates it — what he called a “key infrastructure project in the region designed to promote mutually beneficial interaction” between Iran, Russia, and other nations.

Moscow hopes that “the North–South ITC will eventually serve as the basis for creation of a single ‘seamless’ transport, logistics and economic space, stretching from southern coasts of Iran to northern cities of Russia.”

On Biden regime maximum pressure on Iran — continuing what Trump imposed, Lavrov minced no words, saying the following:

“The main problem is…Washington’s persistent unwillingness to abandon its flawed course towards upholding (its rage for) global dominance.” 

Adopted decades earlier, it’s obvious to everyone that such a policy is entirely counterproductive, particularly given that the objective process of shaping a fairer, more democratic and therefore more sustainable multipolar world order is gaining momentum right before our eyes.”

Both right wings of the US war party and Western partners risk destruction of planet earth by their rage to own it.

They pressure, bully, bribe, and/or bludgeon other nations to bend to their will.

Endless wars by hot and/or other means are their favored strategies, along with other dirty tricks.

Russia, Iran, and other nations free from US imperial control go a different way.

Complying with international law, they oppose smashing, sanctioning, and/or blackmailing other nations in seeking to control them.

On the JCPOA, “Russia firmly believes that there is no reasonable alternative to the” landmark agreement, said Lavrov, adding:

Its signatories are obligated to comply with its provisions under international law — what the US and complicit E 3 countries flagrantly breached.

On all things related to illegally imposed sanctions by Washington and its imperial partners, Russia “rejects any unilateral restrictions.”

Moscow “has been vocal about the inadmissibility of such restrictions at various international platforms, including the United Nations.” 

“I am pleased to note that our position is widely supported by members of the world community.”

Moscow also supports “steps…to move towards de-dollarization of national economies and transition to payments in national or alternative currencies, as well as to stop using international payment systems controlled by the West.” 

“Russia has been working actively to that end.” 

“We see great prospects for cooperation in that field with all interested international partners.”

Russia, Iran, and likeminded nations are partners for peace and cooperative relations among the world community of nations, according to the rule of law.

The US, West, and imperial partners oppose virtually everything just societies hold dear.

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