Iran to Begin Enriching Uranium to 60% Purity

Iran to Begin Enriching Uranium to 60% Purity

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Tuesday, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said the nuclear watchdog IAEA was informed that Iran will begin enriching uranium to 60% purity in days at its Natanz nuclear facility.

Tehran’s representative to Vienna-based international organizations Kazem Gharibabadi tweeted the following on Tuesday:

“Enriching UF6 up to 60% will be done in two cascades of IR-4 and IR-6 centrifuges in Natanz.” 

“Modification of the process just started and we expect to accumulate the product next week.” 

“This will improve significantly both the quality and quantity of radiopharmaceutical products.”

Araqchi explained the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) will install 1,000 advanced centrifuges to increase Natanz’s capacity to enrich uranium — along with replacing machines damaged by Netanyahu regime sabotage days earlier.

On Wednesday, Iranian President Rouhani said the AEOI’s move to install advanced IR6 centrifuges at Natanz to enrich uranium to 60% purity is in response to Israel’s hostile action.

“If the Zionists conspire against our nation, we will respond. (Increased uranium enrichment) is the first step,” he explained, adding:

“The fact that we have stated that we will operate IR-6 centrifuges in Natanz or we will increase enrichment to 60 percent, this is the answer to your malice.” 

“You cannot conspire against the Iranian nation and commit crimes in Natanz. When you commit a crime, we cut your hand.”

“You want to empty our hands in the negotiations, but we will enter the negotiations with a fuller hand.” 

“Our response in Natanz was that instead of IR-1, we would use IR-6 and instead of 3.67% enrichment we would do 60% enrichment, but at the same time our activities will definitely be peaceful and under the supervision of the” IAEA.

On Monday in response to Israeli to what happened, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif tweeted the following:

“Deliberate targeting of a safeguarded nuclear facility—w/ high risk of indiscriminate release of radioactive material—is nuclear terrorism & a war crime Israel threatened and now boasts about action to prevent restoration of JCPOA after US election.”

“Iran will not stand still.”

On Monday, Iran’s Parliament Energy Committee head Fereydoun Abbasi explained the following about Israeli sabotage committed at Natanz, saying:

“We have an electricity substation at the Natanz site, from where electricity goes to the basement, which is about 40, 50 meters underground.” 

“That place was built in a sturdy fashion and was located underground and so that air and missile attacks could not destroy this place.”

So Israel damaged uranium enrichment capabilities at Natanz’s Shahid Ahmadi Roshan facility by cyber-attacking its electricity distribution network.

On Monday, Gharibabadi said work began immediately to repair damage caused by Israeli sabotage.

Besides replacing damaged centrifuges with more powerful ones, new machines are being installed, as well as other technical improvements, so Natanz can operate more effectively and efficiently.

On Wednesday, the AEOI tweeted:

“Sanctions, nuclear scientists terror, destruction in Natanz centrifuge assembly center and recent terror act in such facilities all demonstrate the frustration of the enemies and will power of Iranian nuclear scientists have turned all such unwise acts into desperation.” 

“Natanz nuclear facilities will move forward with utmost speed towards the set targets, and if deemed necessary, Iranian scientists will show the world again to witness Iran’s scientific might in nuclear technology.”

“Determination of Iranian scientists remains intact.”

On Wednesday, talks in Vienna between Iran, Russia, China, and E 3 countries resumed — a good faith attempt by Tehran, Moscow, and Beijing to save the JCPOA and lift illegally imposed US sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

Given hostility by Biden regime hardliners toward Iran and other nations free from US control, their good faith best intentions most likely won’t be good enough.

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