Escalated Biden Regime Cold War on Russia at Risk of Turning Hot

Escalated Biden Regime Cold War on Russia at Risk of Turning Hot

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Escalated Cold War by Biden regime hardliners on Russia risks pushing the envelope for direct confrontation by accident or design.

On Wednesday at NATO headquarters in Brussels, interventionist Blinken and war secretary Austin recited a familiar litany of bald-faced Big Lies about Russia.

Ignoring US-orchestrated aggression by Kiev proxy forces along the contact line with Donbass near Russia’s border, Austin falsely accused Moscow of “provocations” that threaten Ukraine’s “territorial integrity (sic)” — that don’t exist.

Blinken made similar hostile remarks, falsely accusing Russia of “aggressive actions (and) rhetoric directed at Ukraine (sic).”

He lied calling Crimea “occupied” Ukrainian territory.

He lied claiming Russia “invade(ed)” Ukraine in 2014.

He lied saying Moscow threatens to invade Ukraine again.

He lied accusing “Russian-led forces (of) attacks (along) the line of contact in eastern Ukraine.”

Defying reality, he praised US-orchestrated aggression by Ukrainian conscripts on Donbass, claiming they “demonstrated…real restraint in the face of…Russian provocations (sic).”

He lied saying he and other Biden regime hardliners “prefer…stable predictable relation(s) with Russia (sic)” — while pushing the envelope for direct confrontation.

According to Bloomberg News on Wednesday, the Biden regime intends imposing (illegal) sanctions on 12 Russian officials and 20 entities — along with expelling at least 10 Russian diplomats from the US.

Reportedly the Biden regime will also target Russia’s financial sector, including its sovereign debt.

According to the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, the Biden regime will “expand…existing prohibitions on US banks trading in Russian government debt,” adding:

Previous US actions prohibit US “financial institutions from buying new bonds directly from Russia’s central bank, finance ministry and the country’s…sovereign-wealth fund after June 14.”

In cahoots with escalated US war on Russia by other means, Brussels, Britain, Canada and Australia intend imposing new sanctions on its officials and entities, the Journal reported.

Last month, US intelligence falsely accused Moscow of “influence operations” to undermine Biden’s presidential campaign (sic).

US allegations and accusations against Russia and other nations free from its imperial control are consistently baseless.

Not a shred of credible evidence supports them.

Indisputable evidence documents US war on humanity at home and worldwide in pursuit of its diabolical hegemonic aims.

Separately according to Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev on Wednesday:

Biden regime hardliners, their NATO partners, and colonized Ukraine are plotting to destabilize Crimea, “destroy” its economy, and “worsen living conditions on the peninsula, including through food, energy and water blockades,” adding:

They’re plotting “to destabilize the social…political and socio-economic situation” in the Russian republic.

Online they’re calling for “protest rallies..revanchist and nationalistic” actions.

According to Ukraine’s Security Service, the country’s (US-controlled) military began conducting (provocative) “anti-terrorism drills (sic) in the Kharkov region near Russia’s border from mid-April “until the end of May.”

First Deputy Chairman of Russia’s upper house Federation Council Foreign Affairs Committee Vladimir Dzhabarov said the following:

Moscow will respond symmetrically to hostile Biden regime actions.

“We cannot leave this unnoticed,” he stressed, adding:

Retaliatory actions will be taken.

“It is necessary to pinpoint sore spots that will be really very sensitive for America.” 

“I think that our relevant agencies, the Foreign Ministry and other agencies will begin considering it now.”

“I think that we will continue behaving in a reserved and quiet manner, but will retaliate if need be.”

“(N)othing will affect us.”

“We have gone through a lot throughout our history – the Great Patriotic War, the disintegration of the country, the 1990s.” 

“(W)e rose from our knees and keep moving forward, something which irritates the Americans most of all.” 

“They cannot put up with the fact that Russia is no longer what it was when they saw it in the early 1990s.” 

“(T)here is no turning back. (T)he more they work against our country, impose sanctions, the more the country consolidates around its leader.”

For nearly three months since replacing Trump by brazen election rigging, the illegitimate Biden regime has been pushing the envelope for possible confrontation with Russia, China, and other nations free from US control.

Run by megalomaniacal monsters, the US risks destruction of planet earth and all its lifeforms by its rage for unchallenged global dominance it can’t achieve.

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