Cardiologist Richard M. Fleming and Others on the Mother of all Public Health Scams

Cardiologist Richard M. Fleming and Others on the Mother of All Public Health Scams

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Fleming is an eminent MD, PhD, JD cardiologist, attorney, researcher, inventor, author, and coronavirus expert.  

On May 16, he along with noted truth-telling virologist Judy Mikovits and alternative/integrative medicine Dr. Frank Shallenberger will participate in a virtual panel discussion on the following topics:

Was covid engineered to be deadly? 

Was covid deliberately released? 

Why PCR covid tests are completely unreliable. 

Why do governments insist on using a test known to be useless? 

Pathogenic priming and other dangers of covid mRNA mass-jabbing.

Are there any treatments for people injured from covid jabs? 

State-approved emergency use authorization for covid mass-jabbing with experimental, hazardous, unapproved drugs in lieu of known safe, effective treatments.

Mikovits earlier explained that countless numbers of covid jabbed people are becoming seriously ill or dying.

“It should have never been allowed to happen.Yet we see it being forced on the most vulnerable populations,” she stressed.

It’s state-sponsored destruction of human health and murder — a widespread crime against humanity.

Multiple shots greatly increase the risk of harm to health or death — the more follow-up doses the greater the risk.


Millions of covid jabbed Americans, Europeans, and others elsewhere are likely already harmed.

“Anyone with an inflammatory disease like rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, chronic Lyme disease, anybody with an acquired immune deficiency from any pathogens and environmental toxins, those are the people (most vulnerable to) be (harmed or) killed by” covid jabs, she explained.

Yet what “should never be allowed” is state-sponsored and heavily promoted.

Shallenberger has been practicing  conventional, alternative, and homeopathic medicine for nearly half a century.

He revolutionized anti-aging, preventive medicine.

Lecturing and instructing other doctors on his effective methods in treating patients, he said the following about hazardous covid mass-jabbing:

“I would much rather get a covid infection than get a covid” jab.

“That would be safer and more effective. I have (treated) a number of positive flu cases this year.” 

“Some were old and had health concerns.” 

“Every single one has done really well with natural therapies including ozone therapy and IV vitamin C.”

“People need to have fully informed consent when it comes to injecting foreign genetic material into their bodies.”

“No mRNA (drug was) licensed for human use before.” 

They’re experimental and high-risk. Jabbed individuals are unwitting Pharma guinea pigs — in the most widespread ever human health experiment already turning out very badly.

Fleming called covid mass-jabbing with experimental drugs “bad medicine.”

Covid mRNA technology and vaccines “make zero difference in stopping” the viral infection.

“Emergency Use Authorization (EAU) data “show there is no difference.” 

Using them is high-risk with no reward. Harm from their use can take months or longer to show up.

Experimental covid mRNA technology and vaccines have “no statistically significant benefit,” but risk serious harm.

They can cause “inflammation and blood clotting, Lewy bodies (associated with dementia), mad cow disease, (other serious illnesses) and nothing…benefi(cial).”

Fleming called for the US and other Western states to “immediate(ly) reevaluat(e) whether there’s any demonstrated efficacy” (of these experimental covid drugs) because there’s no(ne),” adding:

If millions of people are jabbed multiple times with these drugs, it may cause a public health catastrophe.

Individuals jabbed multiple times with these drugs may experience a hyper-inflammatory immune reaction if exposed to the virus again, he explained.

Blood clots found in some jabbed individuals indicate that the encoded spike protein in these drugs cause inflammation, especially for individuals who ingest inflammatory foods and have plaque buildup in their arteries.

There’s nothing remotely beneficial from these experimental covid jabs.

Mass-jabbing with them likely already harmed millions of people in the US, West and elsewhere.

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