Resumption of Vienna JCPOA Talks Going Nowhere

Resumption of Vienna JCPOA Talks Going Nowhere

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The landmark JCPOA nuclear deal is dying a slow death.

Biden regime hardliners have no intention of complying with its provisions as affirmed by Security Council Res. 2231.

Nor will they lift all illegally imposed sanctions on Iran — some at most or none.

Longstanding US war on Iran by other means continues with no signs of easing.

Since replacing Trump nearly three months ago, the Biden regime has done nothing to shift from maximum pressure on Iran to a new way.

Nothing suggests a change of policy ahead.

Whatever may be agreed on in Vienna, if anything, won’t be worth the paper it’s written on.

Time and again, the US says or does one thing, then goes another way.

As long as Iran remains free from the grip of US imperial control, both right wings of its war party will continue trying to return the country to client state status.

So far it’s been by cold war. Given how Biden regime hardliners are stoking possible hot war with Russia and China, perhaps they intend much the same against Iran.

On Thursday, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said if Vienna JCPOA talks fail to achieve constructive progress toward saving the landmark agreement — what’s highly likely short-or-longer-term — the delegation he leads will walk away, saying:

“We have said many times that we are not looking for talks of attrition and negotiations that only take time and are held just for negotiations.” 

“We will say this clearly today, and we will move in the same direction.”

“If the negotiations move ahead towards the constructive direction that we expect, they will continue.” 

“Otherwise, they will stop.”

Nothing positive was achieved so far because the US side seeks confrontational relations with Iran, not constructive ones.

The same goes for E 3 countries Britain, France and Germany.

Imposing new illegal sanctions on Iran while engaged in Vienna talks showed they’re not serious about saving the JCPOA and improving relations with Tehran.

Araqchi slammed their action, saying the following:

“The Europeans not only ignored (Israeli) sabotage (of Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility — an act of undeclared war), but also they were busy imposing new sanctions on Iran and that was totally unacceptable.” 

“We told them that even your human rights sanctions that you imposed two days ago, we consider them as JCPOA-related sanctions, because right in the middle of negotiations you decided to impose sanctions and that…certainly (aims) to undermine the current negotiations and to undermine the JCPOA altogether.”

Britain and EU bloc countries operate as virtual US colonies, obeying their imperial master in Washington.

Before talks began on Thursday, participants engaged in tough exchanges, said Araqchi, adding:

“Although we still have (sharp) differences, we share this common interest that we have to move forward, and we have to expedite this process in order to come to a conclusion as soon as possible.”

At the same time, Araqchi and other Iranian officials know what they’re up against.

No US good faith outreach to Iran exists. Whatever path it chooses in relations with other countries, colonized European states march in lockstep.

Iran is justifiably uncompromising in demanding that all illegally imposed sanctions on the country must be lifted.

The Biden regime has no intention of taking this step, no intention to comply with its international obligations — how the US always operates.

On Thursday, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said in stark contrast to his government’s good faith diplomacy, “(t)he Biden (regime) has only shown a commitment to Trump’s maximum pressure.”

At the same time, he ruled out protracted talks that fail to agree on lifting all sanctions and preserving the landmark agreement. 

That’s where things now stand. No evidence suggests a softening of Washington’s position ahead.

Clear evidence shows it’ll continue making unacceptable demands in return for empty promises to be broken like virtually always before.

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