Russia Mobilized to Invade Ukraine?

Russia Mobilized to Invade Ukraine?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In stark contrast to endless US-dominated NATO wars on humanity worldwide, the Russian Federation never attacked or threatened another country since established after the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991.

No Russian threat to Ukraine exists now, none earlier.

Yet establishment media fake news claims otherwise.

NYT disinformation falsely claimed that Moscow is “laying out a justification for military intervention” cross-border in Ukraine (sic).”

Separately, the Times turned truth on its head by saying Russia’s “military buildup (along) the Ukraine border and in Crimea” may be prelude to invading Ukraine (sic).

WaPo called for the “US and Europe…to stand up to any Russian aggression in Ukraine” — that doesn’t exist and isn’t threatened.

Days earlier, interventionist Blinken and complicit G7 foreign ministers falsely called Russian forces in their own territory “threatening and destabilizing (sic).”

The UK owned and controlled BBC features state-approved propaganda exclusively on major issues.

It falsely asked “(i)s Russia going to war with Ukraine (sic)?”

Is it “sabre-rattling or prepar(ing) for war (sic)?

Falsely calling Crimea “annexed,” it said “Russia is massing troops in (its own territory) and around the eastern Ukraine conflict zone,” threatening war (sic).

According to NY Post propaganda, (m)ore than 100,000 Russian troops in assault vehicles painted with ‘invasion stripes’ were headed to Ukraine’s border Wednesday, intensifying fears of war between the neighboring nations (sic).”

Since the Obama/Biden regime replaced democracy in Ukraine with Nazi-infested fascist tyranny in 2014, US-orchestrated war by Kiev raged intermittently against Donbass along Russia’s border. 

Since February, it’s been escalating toward becoming full-blown.

What’s going on is a diabolical Biden regime plot to draw Russia into it defensively — its UN Charter right — then unjustifiably blame Moscow for US-orchestrated aggression.

On Thursday, interventionist Blinken  falsely accused Russia of “reckless actions (sic),” adding:

“(W)e will hold Russia to account” for invented reasons. No legitimate ones exist.

“We will act firmly in response to Russian actions that cause harm to us or our allies and partners (sic).”

On Thursday, US European Command (EUCOM) head/NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe General Tod Wolters said the following in testimony before House Armed Services Committee members:

Asked about the chance of Russia invading Ukraine — when no such threat exists — he called the possibility “low to medium (sic),” adding:

“My sense is, with the trend that I see right now, that the likelihood of an occurrence will start to wane.”

Separately, Biden regime assistant war secretary for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia Laura Cooper called conflict along the contact line between Ukraine and Donbass “a hot war right now.”

Falsely blaming Russia and armed forces of Donetsk and Lugansk, she ignored US dirty hands behind what’s going on. 

According to Lugansk official Maria Kovshar, Kiev is blocking efforts to reestablish ceasefire along the contact line, adding:

“The meeting of the Minsk Contact Group showed that Kiev continues to imitate active talks while in reality it sabotages almost all practical issues of resolving the conflict.” 

“As part of the discussion of security issues, Ukraine once again tried to push through empty political declarations, and continued to stubbornly block the discussion of improving the coordination mechanism” — acting on orders from Washington.

On Tuesday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov accused the US and NATO of “deliberately turning Ukraine into a powder keg” by supplying its regime with heavy weapons and training for war, adding:

If further escalation occurs, “the responsibility for the consequences of such an escalation will lay entirely at the feet of Kiev and its Western curators.”

Biden regime hardliners are recklessly pushing the envelope for full scale war in Europe’s heartland along Russia’s border.

Do they have WW III in mind?

Will they risk destruction of planet earth and all its lifeforms in pursuit of their diabolical imperial aims?

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