Belligerent Ukraine Seeks Nukes?

Belligerent Ukraine Seeks Nukes?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Heavy armed with Western-supplied weapons for warmaking, not defense, Ukraine with nukes would be like an arsonist with enough petrol to set the world ablaze.

The US-installed and controlled Kiev regime’s only external threats are invented.

No real ones exist — not from Russia or any other countries.

Yet on Thursday, Kiev’s envoy to Germany Andrey Melnyk warned that the Zelensky regime may seek nukes if Ukraine isn’t granted NATO membership.

Note: When Ukraine became independent from Soviet Russia in 1991, it had the world’s third largest nuclear arsenal after the US and Russian Federation.

Kiev also had ICBMs and strategic bombers.

In July 1990, Ukraine pledged “not to accept, produce, or acquire nuclear weapons.”

By 1996, it returned its nukes to Russia in return for economic aid and assurance of security.

It signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT).

In 2001, it eliminated its nuclear delivery capabilities.

After the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup transformed democratic Ukraine into a Nazi-infested fascist dictatorship, everything changed.

Threatening world peace and stability, Ukraine became a US-controlled dagger aimed at Russia’s heartland.

Despite no threat from Moscow, Ukraine’s foreign minister Dmytry Kuleba falsely accused the Kremlin of “openly threatening (the country) with war and the destruction of (its) statehood (sic).”

No such threat exists, his phony claim otherwise made from Biden regime-supplied talking points — part of its escalated cold war on Russia at risk of turning hot if its Russophobic hotheads push things too far.

In response to pouring heavy weapons and equipment into Ukraine, Moscow accused the Biden regime of creating a “powder keg” in Europe’s heartland.

Separately on Friday, the US charge d’affairs in Kiev Kristina Kiev threatened Russia, saying the following:

Biden hardliners are “commit(ted) to supporting” fascist Ukraine and its US-installed pro-Western puppet regime.

Washington and its imperial “partners continue to support Ukraine as it defends itself from Russia’s aggression” — that doesn’t exist. 

Biden regime hardliners “made clear that if Russia acts recklessly or aggressively (sic), there will be costs and consequences (sic).”

Aggression against invented enemies is how hegemon USA and its partners operate — not Russia or other nations free from the scourge of Washington’s control.

No Russian “escalation” exists along Ukraine’s border or anywhere else, no “aggression,” no hostile actions of any kind against other nations.

In response to escalated US war on Russia by other means, its Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the following on Friday:

“The latest attack by the Biden (regime) against our country cannot go unanswered.” 

“It seems Washington is unwilling to accept that there is no room for unilateral dictates in the new geopolitical reality.” 

“Meanwhile, the bankrupt scenarios for deterring Moscow that the US myopically continues to pursue only promise to further degrade Russian-US relations.”

They’re already in a virtual state of collapse because of escalated Biden regime cold war on the country at risk of turning hot if its hardliners push things too far.

Besides reciprocally expelling 10 so-called US “diplomats” from Russia, Zakharova explained the following:

“The US embassy’s practice of using short-term trips by State Department staff to support the functioning of diplomatic missions will be restricted.” 

“The issuance of visas to them will be reduced to a minimum: up to 10 people per year on a reciprocal basis.”

“(M)easures will be taken to discontinue completely the practice of US diplomatic missions employing citizens of the Russian Federation and third countries as administrative and technical staff.”

“The bilateral 1992 memorandum of understanding on open ground is declared invalid due to systematic violations of rules for trips in the Russian Federation by employees of US diplomatic missions.”

Activities of State Department controlled US foundations and NGOs are being halted.

Sergey Lavrov accused them of “openly meddling in our domestic politics.”

Eight current and former high-level US officials are “permanently banned from entering” Russia.

They include Russophobes John Bolton, James Woolsey, Susan Rice, and five other senior Biden regime officials.

Hostile US actions against Russia “requires (envoys) of our countries to be in their respective capitals to analyze developments and hold consultations.”

Biden regime threats of further hostile actions against Moscow risks pushing things too far.

Russian/US relations are more dismal and dangerous than any time post-WW II.

Instead of efforts to step back from the brink, Biden regime hardliners are recklessly going the other way.

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