US Censorship Rears its Ugly Head – Again

US Censorship Rears its Ugly Head — Again

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Supported by establishment media, US dark forces keep pushing the envelope for silencing what conflicts with the fabricated official narrative.

Last February, press agent for powerful interests NYT called for establishing a US Ministry of Truth headed by a “reality czar.”

Perhaps it had itself in mind for the job. It’s been featuring fake news mass deception since the 19th century.

All the news it claims fit to print isn’t fit to read in its daily propaganda editions — truth and full disclosure on major issues consistently suppressed.

The same goes for all establishment media, serving as collective press agents for wealth, power and privilege.

War on dissent in the US rages. Increasingly equating it to domestic terrorism is part of a diabolical plot to silence what’s most important for everyone to know.

Free and open societies in the US and West are on the chopping block for elimination.

Totalitarian rule enforced by police state harshness is the new abnormal, things heading toward full-blown tyranny if the current trend continues.

All rights are threatened by eroding speech, media and academic freedoms.

The Center for Constitutional Rights  earlier said: 

“The growing threat to the right to dissent has been demonstrated in the US government’s efforts to silence speech, and criminalize and target peaceful movements,” adding: 

“These efforts are becoming more aggressive, emboldened further by the Supreme Court’s increasingly conservative decisions, for instance regarding material support in the form of humanitarian aid to so-called terrorist organizations.”

Activism and dissent are increasingly threatened in the US and West – for freely expressing views dark forces want suppressed. 

Because of what I and others like me do, being shut down or falsely accused of domestic terrorism and abused like Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and other truth-telling whistleblowers looms as a threat in no longer free and open Western societies. calls itself “a public analytical umbrella organization created and maintained by a team of experts and volunteers…” 

It focuses on truth and full disclosure “on issues of international relations, armed conflicts and crises.”

It “provides military operations analysis, military posture of major world powers, and other important data influencing the growth of tensions between countries and nations.”

It “dig(s) out (hard) truth(s) dark forces and their press agent media suppress. 

According to State Department fake news, Southfront is a “pillar” of Russian anti-US disinformation (sic).

On Thursday, the Biden regime’s Treasury Department reinvented Southfront, saying:

It’s an online disinformation site (sic) registered in Russia that receives taskings from the FSB (sic).” 

“It attempts to appeal to military enthusiasts, veterans, and conspiracy theorists, all while going to great lengths to hide its connections to Russian intelligence (sic).” 

“In the aftermath of the 2020 US presidential election, SouthFront sought to promote perceptions of voter fraud by publishing content alleging that such activity took place during the 2020 US presidential election cycle (sic).”

Left unexplained by Treasury was that brazen fraud handed the nation’s highest office to loser Biden over winner Trump.

Southfront is an independent truth-telling group unconnected to any governments.

Claiming otherwise is an intimidating tactic aimed at demonizing and silencing vital information and analysis that deviates from official narrative fake news.

No matter what US and allied dark forces do to try silencing truth and full disclosure, they’ll always be independent groups and individuals involved in explaining what everyone has a right to know.

Operating pro bono, I’m proud to be an independent writer involved in truth-telling on cutting edge domestic and geopolitical issues.

Fighting the good fight for peace, equity and justice, according to the rule of law, is what my activism is all about.

I stand forthrightly with Southfront and others reporting accurately about what everyone has a right to know.

I deplore dark forces in the US, West, and elsewhere — responsible for the highest of high crimes in pursuit of their diabolical interests.

As long as my health and energy hold out, I’ll continue at what I know is the right thing to do.

VISIT MY WEBSITE: (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at

My two Wall Street books are timely reading:

“How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion, and Class War”


“Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity”

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