Artificially Inflated Numbers of Covid Outbreaks and Deaths

Artificially Inflated Numbers of Covid Outbreaks and Deaths

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Since early last year, we’ve been lied to, scammed, and otherwise mass deceived by US-led Western dark forces, Pharma, and their press agent media to believe annual outbreaks of seasonal flu-renamed covid represent an unprecedented threat to health and well-being.

Until deleted to conceal reality, research reported by Johns-Hopkins revealed that US deaths in 2020 among all age groups were similar to numbers in previous years.

Seasonal flu called covid since last year had no effect on numbers of deaths in the US.

The NYT has been in the vanguard of hyping a nonexistent covid pandemic threat to promote draconian social control policies.

They include mass-jabbing of maximum numbers of people with hazardous, experimental, unapproved drugs that don’t protect and risk possible irreversible harm to health.

In cahoots with US dark forces and the nation’s sickness industry, the Times and other establishment media artificially inflated numbers of covid cases.

According to pre-2020 CDC data, annual numbers of US seasonal flu/influenza cases range from 9 to 45 million, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations, and from 12,000 – 61,000 deaths — the vast majority among people over age-70.

The longstanding pattern repeats annually — last year and 2021 to date much like previous years with one major exception.

According to the WHO, seasonal flu virtually disappeared since early last year for the first time in recorded history.

What always showed up annually for time immemorial no longer exists.

No miracle cure eliminated it. Diabolical US-led Western dark forces renamed it covid.

At the same time, US/Western regimes, sickness industry profiteers, and their press agent media grossly inflated numbers of flu now called covid outbreaks and deaths.

It’s part of a diabolical plot to fear-monger millions of mind-manipulated people to unwittingly self-inflict harm by going along with draconian policies that demand mass rejection.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT falsely claimed that “(t)he world’s (covid) death toll surpassed three million on Saturday” — citing its own fabricated database.

It lied claiming “millions more (were) sickened…with effects that may last for years or even a lifetime (sic),” adding:

“Livelihoods (were) ruined. Global work and travel have been disrupted in profound and potentially long-lasting ways.”

Using seasonal flu now called covid as a phony pretext, state-approved draconian policies bear full responsibility for unprecedented harm to countless millions of ordinary people in the US, West, and elsewhere.

Reported numbers of covid cases and deaths were and continue to be artificially inflated.

The Times and other establishment media are complicit with US/Western dark forces in promoting the mother of all harmful to health and well-being scams.

On Sunday, Joseph Mercola reported the following:

Energetic Health Institute founder/director Dr. Henry Ealy “review(ed) how US federal regulatory agencies…manipulated (covid) statistics to control the (fabricated official) narrative.”

In March 2020, “the definition” of fatalities from flu now called covid was “chang(ed) (with) no oversight,  no possibility for the public to comment on the change.”

It was done “without following any of the prescribed rules.”

Numbers of covid outbreaks and deaths were and continue to be artificially inflated multiple times higher than reality.

Unprecedented US-led Western harm inflicted on countless millions of people is intended as prelude for much worse to come.

It’s part of eliminating what remains of fundamental freedoms in the West and elsewhere.

Replacing normality with dystopia was planned long ago.

Unfolding for years, things accelerated post-9/11. 

After seasonal flu was renamed covid early last year, US-led Western draconian harshness took a quantum leap.

Mandated and recommended covid-related policies are all about harming health and well-being, not preserving and protecting it.

Along with eliminating free and open societies, another mass-jabbing aim may likely be with large-scale depopulation in mind to eliminate what Henry Kissinger long ago called “useless eaters.”

Following media proliferated advice and mandates by US-led Western dark forces may irreversibly harm health and well-being instead of the other way around.

What seemed inconceivable long ago is today’s dystopian reality.

The worst of it likely lies ahead without mass resistance against what no one should accept.

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