Russian Foreign Ministry on Hostile US Actions, Ukraine and Dedollarization

Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Hostile US Actions, Ukraine and Dedollarization

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ) slammed hostile Biden regime actions, including its UN Charter-breaching sanctions.

“We have repeatedly warned the US about the consequences of its hostile moves that are dangerously raising the level of confrontation between our countries,” she said, adding: 

Washington “is not ready to accept the objective reality of a multipolar world in which American hegemony is not possible.”

“This aggressive conduct will certainly meet with resolute resistance.”

Biden regime hardliners are recklessly pushing the envelope for possible direct confrontation with Russia, China, and other countries — on top of endless US wars by hot and other means in multiple theaters.

They transformed Ukraine into the world’s top hot spot in Europe’s heartland.

US-orchestrated ceasefire violations by proxy Kiev forces against nonbelligerent Donbass doubled in recent weeks.

MZ: “Kiev continues to send new military equipment to the contact line.” 

“From March 1 to March 31, the Special Monitoring Mission reported 288 cases where Ukrainian (artillery, combat UAVs, and other) weapons were spotted at Donbass railway stations controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.” 

“The number of attacks on the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s rRepublics (sharply) increased.”

Since 2014, US-orchestrated Kiev aggression killed thousands of Donbass civilians, including young children — the slaughter ignored by the West, including by their press agent media.

Zelensky heads Kiev’s US-controlled puppet regime.

“His most recent remarks are openly aggressive and belligerent,” said MZ, adding: 

“At the same time, Ukraine is clearly counting on intervention of its Western supervisors.” 

“Bad idea. Any scenarios of a forceful suppression of Donbass, let alone a seizure of Crimea, are infeasible and suicidal.”

“We do not count on the sanity of (extremists installed by the US) in Kiev and deceived the expectations of people who believed in their peaceful intentions.”  

Efforts by Russia to ease heightened tensions and deescalate conflict failed because Biden regime hardliners want endless war.

As directed by its US handlers, Kiev’s Zelensky regime keeps pushing the envelope aggressively near Russia’s borders.

US-led Western and Ukrainian propaganda falsely blames Russia and Donbass for aggression by Pentagon/CIA directed Kiev conscripts.

They falsely accused Moscow of threatening to invade Ukraine, knowing no such threat exists.

The US, NATO, and Kiev bear full responsibility for killing thousands and “for(cing) 2.5 million people to become refugees and internally displaced persons” since 2014, MZ explained, adding:

The Biden regime and “its NATO allies continue (to falsely) accus(e) Russia of building up its military units and equipment near the border with Ukraine.” 

“These propaganda attacks demonstrate that the Alliance and its member countries want to justify their more intensive military activities in Ukraine and near it.”

The Pentagon, CIA, and their NATO counterparts are actively involved in orchestrating endless Kiev war on Donbass.

They’re pouring heavy weapons and equipment into Ukraine for warmaking, not defense.

They’re deliberately escalating hostilities along the contact line between Ukraine and independent Donbass.

Ignoring good faith conflict resolution efforts by Russia, Biden regime hardliners are using aggression by proxy Ukrainian forces to try dragging Moscow into direct confrontation with them.

Separately, MZ explained that Russia is developing “and promot(ing) an alternative payments architecture that will be aligned with analogues in other countries that do not depend on Washington’s policy.”

It’s well known that “Washington us(es) its national currency and financial system as tools for conducting its policy aggressively, not just contrary to or in violation of the international legal framework, but with a view to destroying it.”

Policies pursued by Moscow are in response to failure by the US-dominated West “to ensur)e) uninterrupted access to the international financial system, the decreasing predictability of the US economic policy, uncontrollable introduction of unsubstantiated restrictions, and continued threats of their use.”

“(O)ur experience shows, as Dmitry Peskov has already said, that nothing can be ruled out in our current relations with the West.” T

“We must prepare for any unfriendly moves by” Russia’s mortal enemies its officials falsely call “partners” and “colleagues.”

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