Do Dem Hardliners Have Global War in Mind?

Do Dem Hardliners Have Global War in Mind?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Recklessness by Biden regime hardliners risk direct confrontation with Russia and China by going too far — despite no threats posed by these countries to any others.

Claims otherwise by Biden regime extremists and press agent media are fabricated when made.

Biden’s DNI Avril Haines turned truth on its head by falsely claiming China’s (nonexistent) drive for “global power” poses Washington’s greatest threat (sic) — followed by Russia, Iran and North Korea (sic).

These countries prioritize peace and cooperative relations with other nations, confrontation with none — worlds apart from how hegemon USA and its partners in high crimes operate.

Both right wings of the US war party are frustrated by China’s growing prominence on the world stage, the same true for Russia and Iran.

Washington’s longstanding aim to marginalize, weaken, undermine, and contain these and other countries free from its control failed.

Their growing strength and prominence comes in stark contrast to US decline.

According to China’s Global Times (GT), Beijing won’t change its political, economic, and industrial system.

Why should it change what “operates very well and has brought about the country’s vigorous development,” it stressed. 

“Protecting the stability and efficiency of this system has become one of the core interests of the Chinese society.” 

“It is also impossible for us to concede in territorial disputes with neighboring countries.”

Nor will Beijing “stop developing since it is related to Chinese people’s basic rights to continue to improve living standards.”

The US invented Sino/Russian/Iranian threats that don’t exist.

The same goes for other independent countries on its target list for regime change.

US war on humanity risks direct confrontation with these nonbelligerent nations.

It risks unthinkable war with nations able to hit back hard if preemptively attacked.

Chances for softened US policies toward invented adversaries ahead are virtually nil.

Most likely, US policies will be further hardened ahead — reflecting its hegemonic madness.

Its actions threaten world peace and security for the world community of nations.

GT called for China to prepare short-and-longer-term for a possible clash of civilizations with hegemon USA.

Beijing must “consolidate its deterrent capabilities to prevent the US from carrying out extreme strategic intimidation,” said GT.

Its military must prepare to confront possible US aggression ahead.

China must enhance “its development, especially the capabilities of breaking through US’ stranglehold on technology.” 

“Washington and its key allies still harbor the illusion of suffocating China’s development” — a foolhardy belief doomed to fail.

“China should strive to stabilize the framework of (its) relations (with the US to) eventually turn the tables” on its hegemonic aims.

The longer this struggle goes on, “the less likely the US will endure,” said GT.

Looking ahead, China’s best efforts to avoid direct confrontation with the US may not be good enough.

Its hegemonic rage tolerates no nations free from its control.

Undeclared US war on China by other means rages.

It’s always at risk of turning hot by accident or intent by Washington’s ruling class.

Instead of stepping back from the brink in the Indo/Pacific, the US continues to heighten tensions — risking confrontation with China if its territory and interests are attacked.

The same holds for Russia and Iran.

US rage to dominate these countries and others free from its control risks possible war to end all future ones if nukes are used for the first time in large numbers.

Wha’s unthinkable is possible because dominant US hardliners believe they’re entitled to rule the world unchallenged.

Will their recklessness set it ablaze instead?

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