Dubious Progress in Vienna JCPOA Talks

Dubious Progress in Vienna JCPOA Talks

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

No evidence suggests a softening of US toughness toward Iran.

Where Washington goes, Britain, France and Germany are sure to follow.

Remarks like saying it’s known what’s needed to achieve an agreed on final goal is worlds apart from getting there.

So is saying “we have moved from general words to agreeing on specific steps toward the goal,” what Russia’s delegate to Vienna talks Mikhail Ulyanov tweeted,” adding:

“Practical solutions are still far away” — perhaps too far to be reached because of unacceptable US demands no responsible government would accept.

The State Department said “(t)here have been no breakthroughs, but we did not expect this process to be easy or quick.”

On all things related to dealings with hegemon USA, so-called progress or good news is never good enough.

Whatever its ruling regimes agree to can, and most often, are erased with a stroke of a pen.

Good faith diplomatic outreach by nations free from US control is virtually never reciprocated in kind over the longterm, betrayal instead.

Last week, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said new EU sanctions on eight Iranian commanders and three entities over (invented) human rights violations aim to undermine Vienna talks.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry made similar comments. 

So did Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif on this issue and because the US, UK and EU failed to condemn Israeli sabotage of Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility, saying:

“This proves that the EU has no place in the world.” 

“It proves that not only the EU follows US policies, but it also follows the most extremist groups inside the US and Israel.”

Press TV quoted Professor David Yaghoubian, saying:

“(T)he most recent round of sanctions applied by the EU on Iran are purely to be used as a bargaining chip in the current talks in Vienna.”

The EU has not placed sanctions on Iran since 2013.” 

“Therefore, this application of sanctions against members of Iran’s military, coming now, right in the middle of these very tendentious talks within Vienna, albeit so far, constructive, is a clear sign that the EU is once again, fulfilling its role as a vassal entity for the United States.”

On Monday, Araqchi rejected an interim or step-by-step agreement with P4+1 countries, what some establishment media reported.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is only talking about the final step in lifting the oppressive sanctions against the Iranian nation, and rumors such as step-by-step plans or an interim agreement are baseless,” said Araqchi, adding:

“Iran…will not allow negotiations to be eroded in any way, and at the same time will not rush to reach a conclusion.” 

“Iran states that the talks must be conducted carefully and in the interests and positions of the country.”

“Any decision on the process and outcome of the talks will be made in Tehran, and the negotiating team will report continuously on the status of the negotiations to senior officials.”

A major sticking point is refusal of Biden regime hardliners to lift all illegally imposed sanctions on Iran for invented reasons.

Another deal breaker is their demand for wanting Iran weakened by compromising its legitimate missile defense capabilities.

The US isn’t serious about returning to the JCPOA in its original form — nor about improved relations with Iran or other nations free from its control.

Whatever comes out of Vienna talks — if anything — will be inconclusive at best.

The US-dominated West long ago proved that its ruling regimes can never be trusted.

If anything is mutually agreed on, it’s virtually certain that the US and E3 will invent reasons to renege like virtually always before.

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