US Hostility Toward Russia Likely to Worsen

US Hostility Toward Russia Likely to Worsen

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Both right wings of the US war party are waging long war by other means on invented enemy/nonbelligerent Russia threatening no one.

Shortly after Biden replaced Trump by brazen election fraud, former White House arms control and WMD coordinator Gary Samore said the following:

In the coming years, the US and Russia “will undoubtedly engage in complex and difficult negotiations on a new bilateral treaty to strengthen strategic stability and reduce the risk of nuclear war,” adding:

“Beyond this overriding common interest, however, there is little reason to expect an overall improvement in (bilateral) relations.”

Samore believes they’ll worsen ahead in most respects.

In three months since taking office, Biden regime hardliners left them tatters, risking direct confrontation by their recklessness.

On Tuesday, interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price repeated his litany of bald-faced Big Lies about Russia.

He lied saying “we would like to see a relationship with Moscow that is stable and predictable (sic).”

Hard-wired Biden regime policy is polar opposite Price’s reinvention of reality.

He falsely accused Russia and Vladimir Putin personally of “inject(ing) instability and unpredictability…into” bilateral relations (sic).

Biden regime hardliners bear full responsibility for the most dismal relations between both countries since Soviet Russian forces defeated the scourge of Nazism in Europe over 75 years ago.

Price lied accusing Moscow of US election meddling (sic), cyberwar (sic), “attacking…Navalny’s life (sic)…using a banned chemical weapon against him (sic), (and) crack(ing) down…on his supporters (sic).”

He lied claiming Russia paid “bounties (to kill) American soldiers in Afghanistan (sic).”

He lied accusing Moscow of “aggression…against Ukraine (and) occupy(ing) Crimea (sic)” — its own territory.

Like other Biden regime officials and duplicitous congressional members, he’s paid to lie about invented US enemies. No real ones exist.

All of the above and other US-dominated Western Big Lies about Russia and other independent countries were exposed and debunked long ago.

Yet they resurface with disturbing regularity. Repeated endlessly by establishment media, they remain Big Lies that won’t die.

According to Price, the Biden regime will institute further hostile actions against Russia “as (it) see(s) fit.”

Separately on Tuesday, Moscow’s Prosecutor Office reported the following:

Documented materials in its possession “contain exhaustive evidence that designated groups are conducting extremist activities, destabilizing the socio-political situation in (Russia), including by calling for violent actions, extremist activities, mass riots, by attempting to involve minors in illegal activities,” adding: 

In cahoots with hostile to Russia Western nations, these groups are “creating conditions for changing the foundations of the constitutional system, toppling the government, and creating the scenario of a color revolution” — a longstanding US specialty.

On Monday, Moscow’s Prosecutor Office designated Navalny’s phony anti-corruption foundation, his phony citizens’ rights protection foundation and corrupted campaign as US-led Western supported extremist groups.

Vladimir Putin earlier vowed to prevent a (diabolical US/Western) color revolution from occurring in Russia, adding:

He’ll do what’s necessary to support the independence and security of partnered Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) member states Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Armenia from hostile actions by foreign actors.

Russia’s Security Council earlier earlier warned that “color revolution technologies will be (widely) employed (to) oust (independent governments) disliked by the US…” 

“(T)he probability of their use against Russia is high.”

Longstanding US policy targets nations free from its control for regime change — by brute force if other tactics fail.

Because of their growing prominence on the world stage, China, Russia and Iran are most vulnerable to US war by hot and/or escalated other means to try transforming them into subservient client states.

What hasn’t worked throughout the post-WW II period is highly unlikely to be more successful ahead.

Their prominence on the world stage comes at a time of US decline.

Like earlier empires defeated by their arrogance and unwillingness to change, history’s dustbin awaits America’s arrival.

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