Navalny’s Duplicitous Press Agents

Navalny’s Duplicitous Press Agents

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russophobic US media invent reasons to bash Moscow and Vladimir Putin personally — using state-supplied talking points with no validity.

On Tuesday, interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price recited his customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies about Russia.

Nothing he says about all issues can be taken at face value.

He lied accusing Moscow of trying to poison Navalny last summer. 

No such attempt was made, no evidence suggesting otherwise.

On Tuesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova slammed the hostile to judicial fairness European Court of Human Rights.

She accused the ECHR of denying Russia access to documents pertaining to Navalny’s health when treated in Berlin last year for what Russian doctors diagnosed as a metabolic disorder, saying:

The ECHR “is engaged in making these inhumane decisions, therefore, taking the heat off members belonging to the relevant agencies of Western countries who can do whatever they like because they will later be shielded by these decisions allegedly lying in the domain of human rights.”

“Any attempts to request information from (the duplicitous West) about what was truly found in Navalny’s tests — when treated in Germany — and what they are referring to are being blocked.”

Tests clearly showed no evidence of novichok nerve agent poisoning as falsely claimed by the West and its press agent media.

Exposure to a minute amount assures death in minutes. 

Navalny is alive, imprisoned for lawbreaking, and doing OK health-wise — despite his politicized hunger strike since March 31.

Price compounded his above Big Lie, falsely claiming Russian prison authorities are trying to eliminate Navalny in their custody, adding:

The Biden regime “will not hesitate to use additional policy tools should that be in our interest and in the interest of human rights in Russia in the context of Mr. Navalny going forward (sic).”

On all things related to human rights at home and abroad, the US is the world’s leading abuser by far.

On this and other major domestic and geopolitical issues, Biden regime hardliners continue and in some respects exceed the viciousness of their predecessors.

They consistently blame other nations for their own high crimes — along with breaching the UN Charter and other international law by illegally meddling in the internal affairs of other countries.

Russian national Navalny is being held accountable for multiple law breaches.

Threatening Moscow over how it deals with lawbreakers is one of many examples of US imperial arrogance.

Doing it wrapped in a litany of bald-faced Big Lies compounds illegal Biden regime meddling in Russia’s internal affairs.

Price defied reality by falsely saying Navalny’s “health…worsened rapidly (sic),” adding:

They’ll “be consequences if something (happens to him) while in (Russia’s) custody.”

Days earlier, Russophobic NYT editors turned truth on its head, falsely claiming Navalny’s “health is rapidly deteriorating (sic) and his heart could stop any minute (sic),” adding:

If he “perish(es) behind bars, (it’ll)  solidly confirm (that) Putin as a “killer (sic).”

Ignoring his stolen wealth, covertly and overtly operating as an unregistered US/Western foreign agent, and guilt of sedition against his homeland, the Times falsely claimed he’s being “hounded (for) expos(ing) corruption and venality (sic).

Neocon WaPo editors recited their own litany of bald-faced Big Lies about political nobody Navalny.

They lied claiming he’s denied “proper medical treatment (sic).”

Ignoring his criminality, they falsely claimed he “should not be in prison at all (sic).”

Sentenced to 2.8 years when much stiffer punishment was warranted, he got off much too easily.

WaPo editors lied claiming he’s incarcerated “to silence him (sic).”

They lied saying he “revealed the existence of (Putin’s) Versailles-scale palace on the Black Sea” — that doesn’t exist.

Earlier, US dark forces and their press agent media falsely accused Putin of accumulating billions of hidden dollars in tax havens (sic).”

Claiming Navalny’s life is in danger and other fabrications about him is part of providing press agent services for US Russophobic dark forces.

On Tuesday, RT reported the following about Navalny’s health:

While continuing to hunger-strike since March 31, “Russia’s human rights commissioner (Tatyana Moskalkova said he’s) receiving medical care” as needed, his condition stable, adding:

“(T)here are no serious concerns over his treatment.”

On Tuesday, he “was visited by civilian doctors, four doctors who examined his state of health.”

His voluntarily accepted treatment includes “medical drips consisting of nutritional fluids.” 

He’s “receiving all the care that he needs according to the doctors’ opinion.” 

“I have found no serious concerns in this analysis on the part of the authorities.”

Claims by the State Department, NYT, WaPo, and other establishment media that his life is in danger for lack of medical treatment and related accusations are Russia bashing bald-faced Big Lies.

Closely monitored medically, he’s stable in no danger of perishing from lack of needed treatment.

On Monday, Russia’s Penitentiary Service said his health is stable and “satisfactory.”

Time and again, US officials, their Western counterparts, and press agent media prove they can never be trusted.

Big Lies and mass deception substitute for journalism as it should be — what they long ago abandoned.

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