Russia Preparing to Invades Ukraine? Zelensky Ready for War?

Russia Preparing to Invade Ukraine? Zelensky Ready for War?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

When major media operate exclusively as press agents for wealth, power, and privilege, fourth estate credibility no longer exists.

In the West, it’s been this way for time immemorial. Rare moments otherwise prove the rule.

Journalism as it should be is only available through credible alternative sources, nowhere else.

Establishment media feature state-approved managed news misinformation, disinformation, Big Lies and fake news on domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most.

Nothing they report can be taken at face value.

They’re waging all-out war of words on nonbelligerent Russia threatening no one. 

Yet fake news reports on Ukraine falsely claim otherwise — an Obama/Biden regime established fascist police state in Europe’s heartland.

In recent days, reinvented reality headlines screamed the following:

NYT: “A Threat From the Russian State (sic): Ukrainians Alarmed as Troops Mass on Their Doorstep (sic)”

NYT: “Ukraine’s President Warns of Possible War With Russia (sic)”

Washington Post: “Russia is expanding ‘offensive’ military strength near Ukraine border (sic)”

WSJ: “Russia’s Putin Issues Warnings Amid Military Buildup (sic)” 

Business Insider: “Russia seems to be preparing to invade Ukraine (sic)”

Yahoo: “Is Russia About To Invade Ukraine?”

Newsweek: Same headline: “Is Russia About to Invade Ukraine (sic)?”

UK owned and controlled BBC: “Is Russia going to war with Ukraine (sic)?”

Al Jazeera: “Will Russia attack Ukraine (sic)?”

Foreign Policy (FP) magazine: “Is Russia Preparing to Go to War in Ukraine?”


Ignoring reality, other fake news headlines screamed in similar fashion — despite no Russian threat to Ukraine or other nations.

Based on talking points supplied by Western regimes, claims otherwise are invented, not real.

According to Newsweek fake news, “speculation grows over whether Moscow intends (to invade) Ukrainian territory (sic).”

Troops in its own territory engaged in scheduled military exercises are “threatening” Ukraine (sic).

According to Business Insider’s reinvention of reality:

“Putin has ordered thousands of troops to the Russian border with Ukraine and mounted a sea blockade (sic).”

“It looks as if he is planning to invade (sic).”

“Russia has done this before (sic).”

According to Foreign Policy (FP), Russia’s “military buildup has been accompanied by increased saber-rattling by (its) officials (sic).”

“Putin is drumming up the besieged Russia narrative (sic).”

FP defied reality by falsely claiming that “Putin’s approval ratings have continued to slump to an all-time low (sic).”

According to Statista Research on February 25, “65 percent of Russians approved of activities of Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

His popularity way exceeds how his Western counterparts fare.

All of the above screaming headlines and content are fake news, not the real thing. 

Reality is worlds apart from a steady drumbeat of Russophobic propaganda.

According to US-installed, pro-Western Ukrainian president Zelensky — a caricature of the real thing — his regime is “ready” for war with Russia (sic).

He signed legislation to let Ukraine’s military mobilize reservist conscripts in 24 hours.

According to the press service of Ukraine’s military, US-dominated NATO is ready to aid Kiev defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity — despite no Russian or other foreign threat.

Commander of the NATO’s Allied Land Command, General Roger Cloutier said the following:

“This is our opportunity and indeed our responsibility to provide ground support.” 

“It sends a powerful message when NATO Corps commanders speak in one voice.”

Ukrainian General Oleksandr Sirsky defied reality, falsely accusing Russia of “aggression,” adding:

“The ground forces of the armed forces of Ukraine are in a high degree of combat readiness, ready to carry out tasks as intended (sic).”

Its conscript force is largely comprised of Ukrainians abhorrent of war, compelled to serve involuntarily.

A joint statement by US-colonized Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania condemned nonexistent “aggression” by Russia.

Zelensky’s bluster came at a time of increased US-led NATO military activity near Russia’s borders — including warplanes, warships, combat drones, and reconnaissance aircraft.

Russia and the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk in Donbass seek restoration of ceasefire and conflict resolution.

Bipartisan hardliners in Washington and complicit NATO partners want a permanent state of war along Russia’s borders that could escalate to something much more serious.

In March, the Zelensky regime approved actions — not implemented — to seize the Russian Republic of Crimea and port city of Sevastopol, home of Moscow’s Black Sea fleet.

According to Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytry Kubela via Twitter:

“The signal is clear: we don’t just call on the world to help us return Crimea, Ukraine makes its own dedicated and systemic efforts under…Zelensky’s leadership.” 

Separately, he announced a Crimean Platform Initiative to:

“improve the efficiency of the international response to the occupation of Crimea (sic)…”

“respond to growing security challenges (sic)…”

“step up international pressure on Russia…”

“prevent further human rights violations (sic)…” 

“protect victims of the occupying power (sic), and achieve the de-occupation of Crimea (sic) and its return to Ukraine (sic).” 

The above is bluster with no intention of follow-through.

Crimea is sovereign Russian territory. Moscow won’t tolerate threats to the Republic and its people.

The Biden regime is pouring weapons, munitions and equipment into Ukraine for warmaking, not defense.

Zelensky’s claim about Ukraine being “ready” for war is blustering nonsense.

Its armed forces have no intention of attacking militarily superior Russia — able to smash its regulars in a few days at most in self-defense if needed.

If escalated war on Donbass by Kiev erupts ahead, it’ll be made-in-the-USA.

If Russia’s security is threatened, its well-trained, heavily armed military is very much ready and able to defend the nation against foreign aggression.

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