Navalny Ends Hunger Strike

Navalny Ends Hunger Strike

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Convicted embezzler, CIA asset, fifth column traitor, phony anti-corruption activist, Western darling Navalny ceased self-inflecting harm by hunger-striking.

Begun on March 31, it ended on April 23, achieving nothing but weight loss.

Russian prison authorities reportedly agreed to let him be examined by private doctors for alleged back and leg pain.

Hyperbolic claims by the NYT and other establishment media of his impending death from organ failure were disputed by Navalny himself, saying he’s in no grave danger.

Seen regularly by prison doctors, they said his health is stable and satisfactory.

Russia’s human rights commissioner Tatyana Moskalkova explained that he’s “receiving all the care that he needs” as medically prescribed.

On Monday, he was moved to a hospital for convicted prisoners.

Politicized claims of his impending demise were invented, part of US-led Western war on Russia by other means.

Ignoring his criminality and Russian law, scores of Russophobic Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) members called for his release on Thursday, an unacceptable statement saying:

“The Assembly…calls on the Russian Federation…to release Navalny immediately and in any event before the next ‘human rights’ meeting of the Committee of Ministers in June 2021.” 

PACE signatories also called on Russia to “provide (him) with all necessary medical care, including examination and treatment by a doctor of his choice, and to ensure that his rights under the European Convention on Human Rights and domestic law are fully respected.”

It’s clear that PACE parliamentarians don’t give a hoot about justice and human rights — just politicized Russia bashing.

Mindless of Navalny’s criminality, including sedition in cahoots with US and UK dark forces, they want him freed to continue partnering with them against his own country.

In response to unacceptable PACE demands, Russian Senator Sergey Fabrichny said the following:

“Navalny was convicted for violating the procedure set out by law.” 

“I have repeatedly underlined at the meeting of the PACE legal affairs committee that our country ratified the European Convention on Human Rights and enshrined it in our legislation, but we did not agree with the idea that the judicial body would broadly interpret European documents and independently change its standing order to fit a specific case.”

Armenian lawmaker Naira Zohrabyan slammed PACE for transforming itself into an “anti-Russia club” — in cahoots with US/UK dark forces.

This “runs counter to fundamental values of our structure.” 

“We should not try to use this false agenda to square accounts with countries that you have political and geopolitical differences with,” she added. 

Russia’s Foreign Ministry accused Western officials and press agent media of unacceptably politicizing all things Navalny.

Russia’s lower house State Duma Deputy Speaker Pyotr Tolstoy said the following:

Moscow “will not act on politicized resolutions by the ECHR or any other Council of Europe institutions on Crimea or Navalny or any other resolutions, if they were passed without our delegation being in attendance or if they run counter to our Constitution or decisions by Russian courts,” adding:

“(A)attempts to present him as a political prisoner or martyr…fell through with a crash during yesterday’s street processions.”

“The West’s attempts at putting pressure on Russia via the institutions of the Council of Europe are also doomed to fail.”

US/Western-orchestrated pro-Navalny rallies were much smaller in number than their dark forces hoped for.

Reportedly getting 460,000 online pledges to attend nationwide, Russia’s Interior Ministry said so-called rallies ranged in size from a few thousand in Moscow to 40 people turning out in the far east city of Magadan.

A political nobody, Navalny has scant homeland support.

It has to be invented by Big Lies and mass deception.

Otherwise few if anyone would turn out for so-called protests in his behalf.

A despicable figure, he sold his soul to US/Western dark forces for whatever benefits gotten in return for betraying his homeland.

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