Russia Bashing Fake News

Russia Bashing Fake News

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

If Russia and other nations free from the scourge of US imperial control didn’t exist, they’d be invented to feed its war and propaganda machines.

In stark contrast to US war on humanity at home and abroad, Russia and other independent nations prioritize peaceful coexistence with the world community of nations.

Nonbelligerent Russia threatens no one. 

The US and its imperial partners pose an unprecedented menace to everyone everywhere.

On Friday, the Russophobic Biden regime propaganda machine was active.

Defying reality, interventionist Blinken’s deputy spokeswoman Jalina Porter falsely said the following:

Biden regime hardliners “made clear in our engagement with Russia…that they need to…refrain from their aggression and escalatory actions (sic), and they need to immediately cease all of their aggressive activity in and around Ukraine (sic).” 

“And that includes their recent military buildup in occupied Crimea as well as along Ukraine’s border (sic).”

Fact: Aggression is longstanding US policy in multiple theaters, part of its permanent war on humanity.

Fact: Russia wages peace and cooperative relations with other country, not war.

Fact: No occupation of the Russian Crimean Republic exists, no annexation of the territory, no escalation by Moscow against any nation.

Fact: Ukraine is a US-established, Nazi-infested, police state along Russia’s border — waging endless war on Donbass as directed by its higher power in Washington.

According to Voice of America, part of its worldwide propaganda operation, the Biden regime and its imperial partners are watching Russia’s actions “very, very closely (sic).”

They “cautioned against taking Russian assurances ‘at face value (sic).’ ”

Biden regime war department spokesman Kirby is part of its Russia bashing chorus.

Defying reality Friday, he “call(ed) on Russia to cease (its nonexistent) provocations (sic), to respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine (sic), and to not contribute to activities that only make the stability along the border with Ukraine and (in its Crimean Republic) less stable than it already is (sic).”

The Russophobic NYT invented its own falsified reality.

In typical Times turning truth on its head fashion, the broadsheet falsely accused Putin of approaching “the brink — and then…stepp(ing) back from it (sic).”

The West and its press agent media know that the Russian Federation never attacked or threatened another nation — what’s longstanding policy by the US and its imperial partners against invented enemies. No real ones exist.

The Times falsely accused Putin of waging “Cold War” — waged by imperial USA against Russia and other nations free from its control.

A Russophobic Reuters propaganda piece cited a Biden regime official boasting about illegal sanctions imposed Russia, along with falsely accusing Moscow of “escalated behavior (sic)” — a US specialty.

The Biden official defied reality by claiming the US seeks “a more stable and predictable relationship (sic).”

Its escalated cold war could turn hot  if continues its recklessly dangerous behavior.

AP News said pressure is building on Biden “to prevent completion of” Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany and European markets the wire service falsely claims “will give the Kremlin significant leverage over US partners and allies (sic).”

On Tuesday, Angela Merkel reaffirmed her support for the project saying:

“Germany has decided in favor of building Nord Stream 2.”

When completed, it’ll double the supply of Russian gas to Europe, now flowing through 

Nord Stream 1…delivered from Russia via Turkey.”

US media operate as a collective propaganda bullhorn against truth-telling journalism as it should be on all things Russia and other nations free from Washington’s imperial grip.

They suppress what’s important for everyone to know on all issues mattering most — featuring state-approved propaganda rubbish instead.

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