The Fraud of Our Time

The Fraud of All Time

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The above is how former Professor of Holistic Medical Sciences, author of over 100 books on health Dr. Vernon Coleman described the covid scam.

He also called it “the greatest hoax of the century” — explained in his banned book by this title.

It’s available free as a pdf on his website —

There’s no such thing as a safe and effective vaccine. None exist, Coleman stressing:

“Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying.”

The same goes on steroids for hazardous, experimental, unapproved, DNA altering Pfizer/Moderna mRNA covid drugs, as well as J & J and AstraZeneca vaccines — for seasonal flu-renamed covid.

Discussing the covid fraud, Coleman explained the following — in his words and mine.

What’s been going on since early last year is how “politicians, billionaires and assorted crooks” steal our fundamental rights and harm our health — so they can benefit hugely at the expense of an exploited/unwitting public.

Coleman lives in Britain where the state owns and controls the BBC — featuring misinformation, disinformation, Big Lies and fake news over the real thing on issues mattering most.

“The BBC (claims to be) impartial, fair and balanced,” Coleman noted, adding:

“It is none of those things. It should be closed down and the staff given more responsible work – (like) mending potholes and clearing rubbish out of the nation’s hedgerows.”

“The Fraud of All Time began early in 2020.”

Most people believe the biggest Big Lies of our time — the mother of all scams.

In March last year, Coleman called covid “the Hoax of the Century” — a scam “to kill off a lot of…people, bring in a cashless society and eventually introduce mandatory” seasonal flu-now called covid mass-jabbing with toxins able to destroy health, not protect and preserve it.

Things began last year by convincing countless millions of people to accept virtual house arrest — while Western economies were wrecked, millions of small businesses bankrupted, normal social interactions eliminated, and most people convinced to self-inflict harm.

“All for the annual flu bug,” Coleman explained.

Calling it covid is part of the diabolical Western plot to destroy free and open societies — for our own good.

Unleashed made-in-the-USA/Western supported horrors since early last year are prelude for the worst of times ahead.

It’s part of the diabolical long-ago planned new world order Great Reset transformation of free and open societies to dystopian ones.

On the phony pretext of protecting public health, everything ongoing for over a year aims to destroy it for millions of unwitting people — along with manufacturing economic collapse, and shuttering small local businesses so corporate predators can consolidate to more dominant size and control of markets.

Coleman explained that “(t)housands of elderly patients in care homes were deliberately murdered by brutal, ruthless policies deliberately introduced to reduce the population.”

“Governments and big companies quietly admitted that they saved billions in pension payments.” 

“We were constantly being told not to kill granny and yet grannies were denied hospital care and had DNR notices slapped on them.”

“And although even governments and their advisors had all previously agreed that wearing masks did no damned good at all, and were indeed certain to do far more harm than good, it was suddenly decided that masks should be worn by everyone everywhere unless they were working in a few select places such as government offices (and corporate suites), where the coronavirus was not allowed.” 

“Thousands of simple-minded and compliant citizens started wearing their masks in the street, while exercising, in their motor cars and probably while in the bath.” 

“They were unaware that the masks, like the social distancing, were all part of a training program – encouraging obedience and compliance.”

“Most alarming of all, perhaps, was the way that the mainstream media supported the unsupportable, defended the indefensible, and refused to question the lies, the deceits and the rejection of the evidence.” 

“Most of the media had links to the vaccine promoting Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.”

Corruption (is) everywhere.” 

Politicians, doctors and advisors”have ties to Pharma.

“Around the world, massive corruption is unreported.”

Straightaway last year, it was “obvious that the lockdowns and closures of hospital departments would kill far more people than the over-promoted flu” — now called covid. 

“And that is exactly what has happened” and continues daily. 

Countless deaths unrelated to flu/covid have been included in reported numbers to fear-monger millions to self-inflict harm.

The fudged numbers are unrelated to reality, establishment media press agents complicit with the “fraud of all time.”

In Britain, the BBC is worst of all, a state-sponsored lying machine.

Among US print media, the NYT tops the list of fraudsters.

Among US electronic media, it’s the censoring/corrupted news network, the most distrusted name in US television propaganda CNN.

Deeply corrupted Western public health officials like charlatan/fraudster Fauci and politicians bought by Pharma betray the public for their own self-interest.

Coleman stressed that anyone claiming Pfizer/Moderna DNA altering drugs or toxic J & J and AstraZeneca vaccines “will stop you getting covid then they are lying.” 

“And everyone who tells you vaccines will stop you spreading covid is a liar.”

“They’ll keep on lying.” 

“They will keep on telling you that the vaccine will stop you getting covid and stop you passing it on even though they should know that it won’t do either of those things.” 

“They lie about the number of people who (got jabbed for covid). They lie about everything.”

“They will tell you that the vaccine doesn’t have any serious side effects.” 

Major media “pseudo-reporters…and debauched politicians will tell you that the deaths and so on are all a coincidence.” 

“If you drop dead a month after a positive covid-19 test then you died of covid-19 – even if you didn’t have any symptoms.” 

“But if you drop dead five minutes after having the covid-19 vaccine then it’s a coincidence.” 

“How many coincidences make a conspiracy, I wonder.”

“We are living in a time ruled by lies and liars.” 

Everything going on has an “evil purpose.”

The above straight talk by Coleman and much more like it is banned by US-dominated Western dark forces and their press agent media.

They’re destroying our health, well-being, and what remains of free and open Western societies in real time.

Yet most people are too out of touch with reality to understand the state-sponsored “fraud of all time.”

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