Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine, Belarus, Britain and Hegemon USA

Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine, Belarus, Britain and Hegemon USA

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

A state of permanent US-orchestrated war by Kiev proxy forces against the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk in Donbass has been ongoing for the past seven years — since the Obama/Biden regime replaced democracy in Ukraine with Nazi-infested fascist tyranny.

Commenting on the current situation along the contact line between US-colonized Ukraine and Donbass, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) said the following:

Kiev’s belligerence against Donbass continues dangerously.

Its “armed forces have not reduced the intensity of the shelling of civilian residential areas, which includes the suburbs in Donetsk.” 

“They are actively using weapons banned by the Minsk agreements, including large caliber mortars and artillery.”

“Kiev continues moving troops and equipment to the region.”

“At the same time, (the US and NATO partners) continue their provocations in the air space and water area of the Black Sea.”

Last week, “the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations approved the Ukraine Security Partnership Act” to keep supplying Kiev with heavy and other weapons, munitions and equipment to continue endless war along Russia’s border. 

To divert attention from tyrannical rule, dismal socioeconomic conditions, political turbulence, and endless war on Donbass, US-controlled Ukraine “is conducting a vigorous disinformation campaign designed to portray Russia as the enemy (sic).”

Ignoring high crimes of war and against humanity by Ukrainian regimes for the past seven years, the US and subservient NATO partners expressed solidarity with Kiev — supporting its endless aggression, opposing restoration of peace and stability to Europe’s heartland.

Last week, “Ukrainian extremists staged another anti-Russia outrage (outside its) embassy in Kiev,” MZ explained, adding:

Elements involved “blocked the central entrance to the Russian diplomatic mission, held up offensive posters, and used a laser to project obscene language on the embassy facade.”

Nearby Ukrainian security forces did nothing to halt the offensive actions.

MZ: “The Russian Embassy sent a note of protest to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry” — that clearly achieved nothing.

Moscow “regard(s) such extremist provocations as inexcusable,” more of the same highly likely ahead — supported and encouraged by US dark forces and their Russophobic imperial partners.

Thanks to intelligence and efforts by internal Russian and Belarusian security forces, stability was largely restored in Minsk and elsewhere in the country — in the aftermath of the foiled US plot to assassinate President Lukashenko.

MZ: “Calls by the (US-controlled) Belarusian opposition (outside the country) to step up protests have not received large-scale public support.” 

“It appears that most Belarusians are getting tired of street disorders interfering with everyday life and are becoming aware of its destructive effect on national development.”

US dirty hands have been all over attempts to destabilize Belarus since last summer.

Wanting the country bordering Russia transformed into a tyrannical client state like Ukraine, Washington’s diabolical scheme has been effectively foiled so far.

Separately, MZ commented on hostile to Russia and China UK legislation, saying:

One measure “require(s)  individuals and legal entities working on behalf of foreign countries in Britain to register their presence.” 

“Failure to do so will be a criminal offense and will entail deportation” or perhaps other harsh punishment.

UK legislation “is accompanied by vehement anti-Russian rhetoric.”

It’s all about “artificially (inventing) the threat of mythical ‘Russian interference’ to suit” the Boris Johnson regime’s Russophobic agenda in cahoots with US hardliners.

On Biden regime sanctions and deportations of Russian diplomats from the US, MZ said the following:

What’s going on reflects longstanding US policy to contain, weaken and isolate Russia — a failed agenda that continues anyway.

It’s because the Russian Federation  “is developing and embracing a clear and transparent approach to international relations.” 

“These international relations must be based on international law and the main principles of the UN Charter, as well as a policy of peace that is intended to protect national interests in all areas.”

Despite consistent failure of hostile US actions toward Russia, they continue and escalated since Biden regime hardliners usurped power.

They include “unlawful unilateral sanctions, stop lists, the persecution of Russian nationals, and” expulsion of its diplomats.

They’re falsely accused of “all kinds of nonsense, with no grounds or facts whatsoever. We have been there before,” MZ explained.

What’s going on are deliberate Biden regime actions to wreck bilateral relations more than already.

“The US is good at destroying things but not at creating, let alone overcoming global problems. We have seen multiple examples of that,” said MZ.

Reckless policies of hegemon USA represent an unparalleled threat to world peace.

Its dominant hardliners risk setting the world ablaze in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

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