Whither China/US Relations?

Whither China/US Relations?

by Stephen Lendman

Both countries must co-exist or risk mutually assured destruction if US dark forces dare attack China militarily one day.

According to China’s Vice-President Wang Qishan, bilateral relations “are at an important juncture,” adding:

“As the two largest economies in the world and permanent members of the UN Security Council, China and the US need to strengthen communication and understanding and expand cooperation in many areas.” 

On Friday by video link to the US Council on Foreign Relations in New York City’s Upper East Side, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi suggested five ways for Washington to pursue cooperative relations with Beijing.

1. The US must accept China’s development objectively and rationally.

2. Its ruling authorities must work with China cooperatively for peaceful coexistence.

3. They must respect China’s sovereign independence and developmental path.

4. They must abandon unipolarity for multilateral relations with China and other nations on a level playing field.

5. They must no longer meddle in China’s internal affairs.

Wang and other senior Chinese officials also surely believe that the US must choose world peace and compliance with international law over permanent war by hot and/or other means against invented enemies, as well as no longer playing by Washington’s rules exclusively.

The path of future Sino/US relations  depends on whether Washington intends working with China cooperatively or confrontationally — a win-win or lose-lose choice.

Unlike how the US operates on the world stage, China respects the sovereign rights of other nations, abstains from coercion, and seeks cooperative relations with other nations.

Wang slammed hostile US actions toward China, saying the Biden regime “has not come out from the shadows of” its predecessor.

It hasn’t “overcome its misunderstanding of China, and has yet to find the right path to deal with” its government.

Nor has it handled its own internal affairs properly.

“Blaming others for its own problems and seeking to decouple from the world’s second-largest economy and confronting the 1.4 billion Chinese people will not help the US resolve the various contradictions it faces, but will create chaos in the world,” said Wang.

If by strengthening the rules-based international order, the US means its own rules exclusively, it’ll assure confrontation, not cooperation, Wang added.

China will defend its sovereign rights according to international law.

If violated, it’ll take countermeasures, Wang stressed.

Longstanding US policy pursues unchallenged dominance over the world community of nations — endless wars by hot and/or other means its favored strategies.

Growing prominence of China and Russia on the world stage — especially united — stands in the way of Washington achieving its hegemonic aims.

Good faith efforts by China, Russia, Iran and other countries to engage with the US cooperatively fail whenever pursued because its dark forces are uncompromising on all things related to their hegemonic aims.

It’s a prescription for confrontation, not cooperation with no end of it in prospect.

It risks global war 3.0 if US dark forces cross a rubicon of no return.

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