No Biden Regime Good Faith Intentions Toward Iran

No Biden Regime Good Faith Intentions Toward Iran

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Hegemon USA’s relations with the world community of nations is one-way.

Bend to its will or be punished for noncompliance with its demands.

The above especially applies to nations free from its control.

Wars by hot and/or other means is how the US aims to transform them into client states.

The above clearly shows that both right wings of the US war party can never be trusted — engaging with other countries in bad faith, not the other way around.

On all things Iran, dominant Biden regime hardliners have no intention of complying with the landmark JCPOA nuclear deal as unanimously affirmed by Security Council members in 2015 — making it binding international and US constitutional law under its Supremacy Clause.

JCPOA talks in Vienna were dead before arrival. 

They’re going nowhere because of unacceptable US demands in return for hollow promises to be breached like virtually always before.

According to Iran’s Nour News, Biden regime strategy in Vienna talks is two-fold.

Interventionist Blinken and other dominant hardliners want Iran’s legitimate nuclear program undermined.

While perhaps willing to lift some illegally imposed sanctions on Iran, tough ones will remain in place on the phony pretext of wanting the Islamic Republic prevented from developing nukes it doesn’t seek, never did, and wants eliminated everywhere before they eliminate us.

Separately, while claiming Trump’s maximum pressure on Iran failed, the Biden regime continues it in new form to gain a “greater…victory” than its predecessor could have hoped for.

According to an earlier interview by Blinken’s spokesman Price with Al Jazeera, Biden regime strategy involves dividing US sanctions on Iran into three groupings — suspended, negotiable and irrevocable.

Ones toughest of all won’t be lifted. Others rescinded could be reimposed later, new ones at any time.

A state of undeclared US war on Iran by other means has been ongoing for 42 years.

Biden regime strategy aims to increase US toughness on Iran, not step back from the brink by easing it.

Unilaterally imposed US sanctions on Iran and other nations flagrantly breach the letter and spirit of core UN Charter principles.

Iran justifiably demands removal of all US sanctions, not some alone while leaving others in place.

There’s virtually no chance of things turning out this way.

On Monday, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh the following:

“There has been no change in our position on the removal of (all) sanctions, (and lifting) should be verified.”

“We do not accept the step-by-step and gradual plan…”

“The US should live up to its undertakings, and anything less than that will prevent the US from returning to the nuclear deal, and Iran is ready to comply with its undertakings under the nuclear deal after verification.”

President Rouhani stressed that his government will accept nothing less than full implementation of the JCPOA in its original form — “not a word less, not a word more.”

He also rejects what Ayatollah Khamenei called prolonged “talks of attrition,” adding:

Indirect Biden regime involvement in Vienna negotiations “is…because (it) want(s) to impose (its) wrongful argument” on Iran.

Deputy Iranian Foreign Minister/chief Vienna negotiator Abbas Araqchi called Vienna talks “very difficult,” adding:

It’s “too early to say whether we can overcome the challenges and obstacles.”

The Biden regime has done nothing to step back from Trump’s maximum pressure.

Araqchi said Iran will neither rush talks or let them drag on interminably. 

If they continue going nowhere because of behind the scenes US bad faith, Iran will walk away.

That’s where things are heading because Biden regime hardliners refuse to comply with their JCPOA obligations, while pretending otherwise.

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