Biden Regime Hardliners Waging Perpetual War

Biden Regime Hardliners Waging Perpetual War

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Permanent war against invented enemies is longstanding US policy, how its imperial agenda operates.

The Pentagon earlier called it the nation’s “long war” — what’s gone on throughout most of US history.

The Biden regime is the latest in a long line of US warrior ones from the nation’s 1776 inception.

Moments of peace have been the exception to the rule, not the other way around.

A short-lived interregnum of peace followed WW II — what Harry Truman ended by preemptively attacking nonbelligerent North Korea, falsely blaming DPRK leader Kim Il-sung for US aggression.

Washington glorifies forever wars in the name of peace, what historian Charles Beard (1874 – 1948) called “perpetual war for perpetual peace.” 

Gore Vidal discussed Washington’s permanent war policy in his book using Beard’s phrase for his title (subtitled “How We Got to Be So Hated”), along with another titled “Dreaming War.”

He explained how the US ruling class makes sure that ordinary Americans “are never to be told the truth about anything that our government has done to other people, not to mention our own.”

From Truman’s Doctrine to the present day, forever war has been hard-wired as official policy by both right wings of the US War Party.

Rare exception to the rule Jack Kennedy was eliminated by US dark forces — to perpetuate endless wars in lieu of peace and cooperative relations with other countries.

Washington’s National Security State strategy is all about waging permanent wars.

Since no US enemies existed throughout the post-WW II period, they were invented to unjustifiably justify smashing nations to control them — by hot and/or other means.

Ukraine is in the eye of the storm — again after Obama/Biden replaced democratic rule in the country with US-controlled fascist tyranny in February 2014.

Weeks later in April, a state of intermittent war began, escalated after Biden replaced Trump by brazen election rigging in January.

Colonized Ukraine is used by the US as a dagger aimed at Russia’s heartland.

Ongoing US-orchestrated Kiev war on the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR) in Donbass rages along Russia’s border in Europe’s heartland.

According to DPR People’s Council deputy chairman Alexey Nikonorov:

Kiev refuses to engage with the DPR and LPR at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC), adding:

The US-controlled Zelensky regime “is trying to avoid responsibility and not answer directly for its own violations…continuing in actual fact to violate the (Minsk) accords with impunity.”

It “continues” to breach Minsk I and II conflict resolution provisions — as well as July 2020 ceasefire terms agreed to by Kiev — as directed by its higher authority in Washington to assure forever war along Russia’s border.

Biden regime hardliners aim to draw Russia directly into conflict with Ukraine.

It could happen to protect its nationals in Donbass from Kiev aggression if things escalate beyond a red line that greatly threatens their security.

In stark contrast to US-orchestrated war by Ukrainian proxy forces near its border, Moscow is trying to defuse tensions and conflict in Donbass. 

According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, weak Ukrainian president Zelensky’s “main thing…is to stay in power, and he is ready to pay any price, including indulging neo-Nazis and ultra-radicals who continue to declare Donbas militias to be terrorists (sic).”

So he continues a state of perpetual low-level war on Donbass.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry explained that Kiev increased numbers of troops, and (US/Western supplied) weapons, munitions, and military equipment along Ukraine’s contact line with Donbass.

Since late March, cross-border shelling increased. According to DPR head Denis Pushilin, Kiev “has everything ready” for full-scale war.

As Zelensky is beholden to a higher power in Washington, is this what Biden regime hardliners have in mind?

In early April, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the following:

“The situation on the contact line in Ukraine is extremely unstable.”

“The dynamics of the development of this state of affairs, and the behavior of the Ukrainian side, creates the danger of a resumption of full-scale hostilities.”

“(I)n the event hostilities resume, no country in the world would stand aside….including Russia.” 

The Kremlin “would take measures to prevent such tragedies from happening again.”

Moscow will do what’s necessary to protect its security.

Putin’s deputy chief of staff Dmitry Kozak said if Kiev launches full-scale war on Donbass that threatens its DPR and LPR nationals in harm’s way, Moscow will act to protect them.

Claims by the Biden regime’s State Department about supporting Minsk I and II “as the basis for a diplomatic settlement” are belied by Kiev’s non-implementation of the accords.

Following orders from Washington, Ukraine maintains a state of perpetual (US-orchestrated) war along Russia’s border.

At the same time, the US side falsely blames Moscow for years of conflict on Donbass by Kiev.

It continues endlessly without resolution because dominant hardliners in Washington reject peace in favor of perpetual war along Russia’s border and in multiple other theaters.

A Final Comment

According to Izvestia, the Kremlin will soon publish a list of “unfriendly states” in accordance with Putin’s April 23 presidential decree.

They’re likely to include the US, UK, Canada, Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, Izvestia reported, adding:

Australia and Ukraine may be included.

“There may be a full ban on hiring Russian citizens to (the) diplomatic missions” of the above nations, said Izvestia.

According to First Deputy Head of the Russian Federation Council Committee on Social Policy Valery Ryazansky:

“There won’t be any unfounded steps…(S)tates that expelled our diplomats without any grounds…will be included on the list” — notably hostile to Russia USA.

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