Biden’s Press Agents

Biden’s Press Agents

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Establishment media front for selected, not elected, Biden. 

They cheerled brazen election fraud so he’d triumph over Trump illegitimately.

Impaired by dementia, Biden is cognitively unable to fulfill duties of any office, let alone the nation’s highest.  

Requiring a look-alike double to represent him in public, establishment media ignore his unfit state.

Likely heading for Alzheimer’s Disease, it’ll render him zombie-like when takes hold.

Already cognitively impaired beyond a point of no return, he can’t complete a sentence coherently.

Mumbling and bumbling instead, he has trouble remembering names, faces, dates and much more.

Out-of-touch with what members of his regime are up to, he doesn’t know or understand what’s in executive orders he’s told to sign or pronouncements made in his name.

One observer called the Biden White House a virtual “assisted-living facility (for the nation’s) doddering first senior citizen.”

All of the above and more was covered up the US ruling class and establishment media during the 2020 presidential campaign and since Biden illegitimatey took office on January 20.

The dominant US fourth estate continues the charade — an affront to the rule of law and public.

It’s further proof of US fantasy democracy, never the real thing from inception.

Misreporting includes reinventing Biden into what he never was and surely isn’t now.

A divergent from reality NYT pro-Biden puff piece lauded him unjustifiably as he approaches his 100th day in office on April 29.

Saying he took office “under extraordinary circumstances” ignored that seasonal flu-renamed covid and economic collapse were made by US dark forces in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

During his first 100 days and what’s ahead, Biden was and will continue to be uninvolved in affairs of state he’s no longer able to understand clearly or deal with.

So others act in his name. Most always in public – especially for addresses — an impersonator represents him.

Defying reality, the Times falsely claimed that “his first 100 days…reflect a clear understanding of why he was elected (sic) and what the American people now expect of him (sic).”

The above rubbish doesn’t rise to the level of bad fiction.

More of the same followed, falsely claiming he “confront(ed) the one-two public-health-and-economic punch of the pandemic (sic).”

Hidden from public view most often, he solely “confront(s)” his cognitively deteriorated state.

Made-in-the-USA economic collapse is real. Explained in previous articles, it’s been a bonanza for billionaires and millionaires by transferring maximum amounts of wealth from ordinary people to privileged ones.

By design, the disparity between super-wealth and growing poverty, inequality, and deprivation in the US is greater than any time since the 19th century gilded age.

Instead of reporting accurately on what’s going on, establishment media largely ignore Depression-level unemployment, most working Americans way underemployed earning poverty wages with few or no benefits, high-level hunger, homelessness and despair in the world’s richest country.

Seasonal flu-renamed covid, along with draconian policies that followed, are all about establishing and enforcing social control — along with mind-manipulating most people to self-inflict harm.

Instead of explaining the above, the Times and other establishment media suppressed it — and most all else important for everyone to know.

Instead, they’ve heavily promoted mass-jabbing with toxic experimental drugs that don’t protect and risk enormous harm when taken as directed.

In its latest edition, the Times praised what’s gone on.

Daily mass-jabbing is now “up to…200 million shots by day 100,” it reported — a reason to mourn and cry foul, not cheer.

Falsely claiming that the Biden regime delivered on “targeted promises,” the Times ignored its war on humanity at home and abroad.

Along with systematically suppressing its bad faith intentions toward Iran, the Times ignores how Biden regime hardliners push the envelope dangerously toward possible war on Russia and China.

Its announced intention to withdraw US combat troops from Afghanistan by September 11 was head-fake deception.

Plans by US dark forces are to continue infesting the country with Pentagon special forces, jihadist proxy fighters, and exploitive private military contractors (PMCs).

They intend no end to controlling as much of Afghan territory as possible, plundering its resources, and maintaining US military bases in the country — as platforms for regional aggression.

The Biden regime’s domestic and foreign policy perhaps intends going beyond the worst of where its predecessors went — not the other way around as the Times falsely claimed.

Out-of-touch and uninvolved in affairs of state, the Times embarrassed itself by praising Biden’s first 100 days — falsely claiming he “restored humanity to the” White House (sic).

The broadsheet defied reality by saying he “approaches (challenges) with compassion and decency (sic).”

“(A)im(ing) to comfort rather than to inflame (sic)…(h)e’s making bipartisanship cool again (sic).”

Inventing its own reality by making stuff up is longstanding Times policy.

Its management, editors, correspondents, columnists, and contributors long ago abandoned journalism as it should be.

Featuring state-approved talking points rubbish, daily editions exclude all the news that’s fit to print.

Following them — in lieu of reliable sources of news, information and opinion — assures being mind-manipulated and uninformed on what’s most important for everyone to know.

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