Navalny’s Headquarters Movement Suspended

Navalny’s Headquarters Movement Suspended

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In 2013, Navalny was convicted of embezzling around $4.7 million from donations to organizations that front for his collusion with US dark forces against Russia.

His 2.8 year prison term is for multiple breaches of his suspended sentence for involvement in the Yves Rocher embezzlement case.

According to investigators, he used embezzled funds to buy property, vacations abroad, other expenditures for personal use, and payment of expenses.

Sentenced to five years imprisonment, it was straightaway suspended because authorities said it would impede his campaign to become Moscow’s mayor.

At the time (in September 2013), he finished a distant second with 27.24% support to Sergey Sobyanin’s 51.37% majority triumph.

Losing candidate Mikhail Degtyarev said the following at the time:

“All participants except Navalny…recognized the results of the elections.”  

“The voting was held smoothly, with no violations. Neither (were) there claims to the vote counting procedures.” 

Yet according to Tass at the time, litigious Navalny “prepared 952 lawsuits, including one directly lodged with the Moscow City Court in which (he) demand(ed) to invalidate the results of the election.”

Along with stealing millions of dollars for self-enrichment, Navalny remains unindicted but guilty of sedition.

He serves as a CIA/NED asset by operating as an unregistered US foreign agent up to no good.

He sold his soul to a higher power in Washington that’s at war on his homeland by other means — wanting Russia transformed into a US client state by whatever it takes to achieve its diabolical aims.

According to Tass on Monday, Moscow City Prosecutor’s Office suspended the operation of Navalny’s HQ movement, saying the following:

“Based on Articles 9 and 10 of the federal law ‘On countering extremist activity,’ of July 25, 2002, the Moscow City Prosecutor made a decision to suspend the operation of the Navalny Headquarters civic movement until the court reviews the case on elimination of the Anti-Corruption Foundation and Citizens’ Rights Protection Foundation non-profit organizations and prohibition of the Navalny Headquarters movement over extremist activities.”

“These measures were taken because leaders and members of these foundations and the Navalny Headquarters movement continue their illegal activities” — by operating as unregistered foreign agents.

Ongoing hearings begun on April 26 will continue through April 29 on whether to designate these organizations as subversive and extremist.

The Moscow City Prosecutor’s Office accused them of involvement in “color revolution” activities to destabilize Russia politically — in service to foreign powers hostile to its security.

Navalny’s Citizens’ Anti-Corruption Foundation and Citizens’ Rights Protection Foundation were accused of operating as foreign agents in October 2019 and December 2020 respectively.

Instead of longterm imprisonment, he got off easily, shouldn’t complain, but did it anyway.

According to three lawsuits on his behalf, Russian Vladimir region district court said the following:

“He asks to recognize as illegitimate the decision not to give him access to books that he purchased, to recognize as illegitimate the actions of the employees of IK-2 (penal colony) who put him on the preventive record as a person prone to escape, and also to recognize as illegitimate…the censorship of newspapers that (he) receives, as some articles are cut out.”

He’s in prison, not in luxury surroundings like he’s used to on the outside — what he and his lawyers don’t accept.

Reportedly, the district court hasn’t decided whether it’s legally permitted to rule on issues he raised.

If so, it must decide if complaints were properly filed.

Since beginning his prison term weeks earlier, he’s used his notoriety to file complaints to be reported on by supportive Western officials and media — including about alleged threats to his health and security.

At the time, Federal Penitentiary Service Director Alexander Kalashnikov “guarantee(d) that there (was) no threat to” him of any kind — other than loss of freedom behind bars for criminality.

Kalashnikov added that “(s)hould he desire so, (he’d) be involved in production activities,” adding:

“Everything is in compliance with the law.”

According to WaPo editors — providing press agent services for Navalny — Vladimir Putin “has not altered his aim of crushing his movement (sic),” falsely calling it “the most powerful” opposition one (sic).

WaPo defied reality by accusing Putin of “repressive measures more sweeping and severe than anything seen in Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union (sic).

The above criticism applies to growing US tyranny, not democratically run Russia.

US-led Western dark forces and their press agent media invent reasons to bash Russia, Putin personally, and support elements like Navalny.

On Tuesday, the NYT reinvented him — again, falsely calling him “Russia’s true leader.”

Anyone will do. Today, it’s Navalny. Earlier it was others. Ahead it’ll be someone else — anyone willing to support Russia’s transformation into a subservient US client state.

Navalny is a political nobody with marginal public support compared to over 65% of Russians approving of Vladimir Putin, according to Statista Research in late February.

The polling organization said the following about Navalny:

“Most Russians in every age group did not approve of the political activity of Alexey Navalny…as of January 2021” — before his prison sentence. 

“The largest share of (his) supporters was between 18 and 24 years old, measured at 36 percent.” 

“The approval rating among those 55 years and older was only 12 percent.”

For US/Western dark forces and their press agent media, anyone hostile to Russian freedom from US imperial control will do.

No matter how often they try to artificially elevate a political nobody to a somebody and fail, they’re committed to repeat what hasn’t worked and won’t likely ahead.

The same goes for all sovereign nations free from US control.

China and Russia are notably rising in prominence on the world stage while the US is in terminal decline — selected, not elected, Biden regime actions hastening it.

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