PCR Tests Don’t Work and Risk Harm

PCR Tests Don’t Work and Risk Harm

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) inventor Kary Mullis explained that “(q)uantitative PCR is an oxymoron,” adding:

“Anyone can test positive for practically anything with a PCR test, if you run it long enough.” 

At cycle thresholds above 30, they falsely diagnose healthy individuals as ill with seasonal flu-renamed covid last year.

Uninfected individuals are being falsely diagnosed otherwise to artificially inflate numbers.

What’s happening since last year is part of fear-mongering unwitting individuals to self-inflict harm by going along with harmful to health and well-being mandates and recommendations.

PCR is not a tool for diagnosing viral infections. When used for this purpose, most all positive results are false.

Asymptomatic individuals in good health are being falsely diagnosed as ill.

Mullis designed PCR testing to “amplify” or copy small DNA samples, not for viral detection.

As used in the US and West, they’re worthless for this purpose.

Time and again, the test produces false positive results when only insignificant viral fragments are detected — not enough to cause illness.

Nor can a person with viral fragments infect others. They’re not contagious.

Worse still, PCR nasal swabs penetrate deeply enough to risk puncturing the membrane around the brain, requiring surgery to repair damage caused.

Instead of determining viral infection the test isn’t designed for, its use risks serious injury to healthy individuals.

In January and March, I involuntarily had to be PCR-tested twice — once as an inpatient required to comply with hospital rules, a second time for scheduled outpatient treatment.

I had to test negative for covid to receive it. If not tested, treatment would have been denied — at a time when I was virus-free, a health threat to no one.

This mandate makes healthcare potentially hazardous to receive.

What’s illogical, unacceptable, and contrary to what healthcare should be all about, Western brave new world rules risks harm when a worthless procedure is required while hospitalized or to receive outpatient treatment.

Last February, Fox News San Antonio reported that an area woman “leak(ed) spinal fluid after receiving a covid nasal swab” PCR test.

“It hurt,” she said. “It was an immediate instant migraine” — what she “never had” before, adding:

“It started from the back of my head and…extended to the front of my head, and my entire brain was in extreme pain.”

“Instantly, fluid just was leaking out of my nose.”

To receive a heart diagnostic test, she had to test negative for covid — what PCR isn’t designed to do, but she had to undergo it anyway, like many others, as I had to twice. 

In my case, no harm I’m aware of was caused. She was diagnosed with pneumocephalus — a dural membrane rupture on the lining around her brain.

According to medical experts, what happened is rare, but not surprising, Fox News reported.

Laparoscopy is performed to repair the damage.

Eye, nose and throat (ENT) Dr. Spencer Payne explained the following:

When PCR is performed, “(p)atients are asked to tilt their head back (so) the trajectory is more parallel to the nostril, the bridge of the nose and that’s what can bring the swab further up and put you in a range of potentially having that covid swab then rupture the dural membranes,” adding:

“It’s important that the swab be directed as straight back as possible.”

“Patients should be empowered to understand that anatomy and direct their care if they think their swab is going in the wrong direction.”

ENT Dr. Payne left unexplained that patients like myself, likely the injured San Antonio woman, and most others are unaware of the proper direction for nasal swabs — so we follow instructions as I did.

Having written about PCR, I knew nothing about the proper procedure to perform it.

No information was given me ahead of tests I had to take.

That’s likely the case for others without asking specific questions before PCR is administered.

What doesn’t work as claimed risks harm. 

Besides possible brain damage explained above, perhaps PCR can cause neurological and/or other health problems.

Virtually everything mandated or recommended since last year in the West risks harm and nothing positive.

When administered by healthcare professionals, it breaches the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm.

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  1. My daughter was forced to do that. She had pain in her nose for month. She went through a lot of exams, nothing was found. Thank God, that pain went away.


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