Lying Machine CNN Gives Blinken a Platform to Lie and Deceive

Lying Machine CNN Gives Blinken a Platform to Mass Deceive

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The most distrusted name in state-sponsored video propaganda — masquerading as news — gives US officials at war on humanity at home and abroad a platform to mass deceive viewers.

That’s how worst-of-the-worst CNN operates. The same goes for its electronic and print counterparts.

On Tuesday, it was interventionist Blinken’s turn on the Corrupted News Network. 

An anti-diplomat, he shows up to wage war of words — and his personal style of venom — on nations unwilling to sacrifice their sovereign rights to US interests.

On China, he can’t tolerate its growing prominence on the world stage as imperial USA declines.

On Tuesday in Nigeria, he warned its government about a nonexistent Chinese to its sovereignty, adding:

“(D)ig beneath the surface…make informed choices,” relate to China “with your eyes wide open (sic).”

Beijing offers carrots, not sticks, cooperative relations over confrontation — polar opposite how hegemon USA operates.

Ignoring exploitive and belligerent USA actions worldwide, Blinken falsely said:

“We believe in Africa (sic). Your success is our success (sic), and we want to invest in it but in the right way (sic) — a stick and no carrot approach.

On Russia, he said “we have significant differences.”

Indeed! According to Israel Shamir:

Russia “is the only country in the world where masculinity is not toxic…”

“(W)hites feel no guilt…”

“(P)eople eat meat and heat their homes so they are warm…”

“(D)espite (season flu outbreaks called covid), theaters and churches are open…” 

“(T)here is no #MeTo…” 

“Russian producers and directors can frolic with actresses…” 

“(E)ducation and medicine are (largely) free for all.” 

“Outside Moscow, even parking is free, if you can find it.” 

“You can get vaccinated if you wish, for free, any day, yet nobody forces you to do it.”

“There are no lockdowns, no covid passports, no mandatory masks.” 

“It would be a shame if such a country were destroyed.”

Ordinary Russians have freedoms lacking in the increasingly repressive US and West — police states masquerading as open/free societies they’re not.  

Russian democracy is real — in stark contrast to the fantasy version in the US-dominated West.

Russia prioritizes peace, stability, and cooperative relations with other countries.

Its geopolitical agenda is worlds apart from hegemon USA rage to control other nations by smashing and/or waging war on them by other means.

Russia scrupulously complies with international law. The US and West operate solely by their own rules.

The law of the jungle defines them.

Russia protects and serves the rights of all its people.

The US-dominated West exploits   people at home and abroad to benefit privileged interests at their expense.

What system do you favor?

Like other US hardliners, Blinken defied reality by falsely accusing Moscow of “engag(ing) in aggressive or reckless actions (sic)” — how hegemon USA operates, not Russia anywhere.

On Afghanistan, Blinken ignored Washington’s permanent occupation agenda.

If conventional Pentagon forces leave by September as announced, countless thousands of special forces, jihadist proxy fighters, and exploitive private military contractors will remain — as will permanent Pentagon military bases.

Blinken hinted at the above by saying “we are not disengaging from Afghanistan.”

Far from it. US forces invaded the country to stay, forever war highly likely to continue in various forms, peace and stability in the country nonstarters for US hardliners.

Ruling out cooperative relations, longstanding US policy is all about  exploiting and controlling other nations, their resources and populations.

Blinken said nothing about endless US wars by hot and/or other means on multiple nations free from its hegemonic control.

Nor anything about made-in-the-USA economic collapse and seasonal flu-renamed covid — both diabolical actions doing unprecedented harm to countless millions of America that may not end in our lifetime if dominant dark forces in the country get their way.

In my 9th decade, I recall nothing remotely approaching today’s dismal state of things in the US.

Along with endless wars on invented enemies, the ravages of economic collapse and harmful to health covid policies, the Economic Collapse Blog listed the following reasons why US conditions are dismal:

Long ago New York prominence I saw firsthand and wondered at as a boy when my dad took me to the city on a business trip, today it’s infested with “mountains of trash” and an estimated “2 million rats rampaging all over the place.”

“In 2020, homicide rates increased by an average of more than 30 percent in major US cities, and now homicide rates in many of those cities are even higher in 2021.”

Police across the US “are leaving the force in record numbers” — likely because things are too untenable to stay.

Departments nationwide “are having an exceedingly difficult time recruiting new officers.”

At a time of protracted made-in-the USA Depression conditions — with over one-fourth or working-age Americans jobless, commodity prices are soaring exponentially.

Real consumer inflation exceeds 9% annually. Yet the Wall Street owned and controlled Fed claimed it’s “low” — a bald-faced Big Lie establishment media let pass without refuting what’s polar opposite reality.

At the same time, parts of the US West are enduring a multi-year “mega-drought” — 2021 so far worst of all.

Along with the US intelligence community, the USPS is spying on ordinary Americans.

The USA I grew up in long ago no longer exists.

No longer a land of opportunity for ordinary kids with nothing special going for them — what I and my peers enjoyed — today the nation is unsafe and unfit to live in.

Things are on track to likely get much worse ahead.

Nothing suggests they’ll improve.

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