Unrelenting US Hostility Toward China

Unrelenting US Hostility Toward China

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The US is hostile toward all nations free from its hegemonic control — especially China and Russia because of their growing prominence and ability to counter US belligerence if launched.

Since Biden replaced Trump by brazen election fraud, his regime’s anti-China agenda is much like his predecessor.

He imposed more illegal sanctions for invented reasons, initiated unacceptable new guidelines on Taiwan, and provocatively conducts military exercises near China’s waters.

Interventionist Blinken’s blueprint on engaging with Beijing prioritizes confrontation, competition, and containment, along with meddling in its internal affairs and enlisting regional countries to ally with hostile US actions against China.

According to former US official/Brookings Institution John L. Thornton China Center senior fellow David Dollar:

“There is little evidence of cooperation” between Biden regime hardliners and China.

According to an anonymous US official on Tuesday:

The Biden regime will “not shy away from hard topics and addressing them directly with China,” adding:

“Nor (will the US) shy away from taking meaningful action, including in the sanctions space and other steps when it comes to gross violations of human rights such as those that are occurring in Xinjiang (sic), which we’ve obviously (sic) said amounts to genocide (sic).”

Nor will anyone in Washington or its press agent media expose the above Big Lies or speak truthfully about preemptive US wars by hot and/or other means on China, Russia and other nations free from its control.

Or that US targeted nations prioritize peace, stability, cooperative relations with other countries, and compliance with international law — polar opposite how hegemon USA and its subservient partners operate.

The Biden regime continues Trump’s trade war on China, including by blacklisting many of its enterprises.

Placing them on the Commerce Department’s so-called Entity List prevents them from buying US technology without special permission.

According to Institute for China-America Studies senior fellow Sourabh Gupta, unacceptable tariffs and other punitive anti-China policies are “damaging” bilateral relations — perhaps irreparable over the near and intermediate term or longer.

While the US calls for China to play on a level playing — how it already engages with other countries — Trump and now Biden aim to “cut China off at the knees in terms of certain core technologies,” said Gupta.

It’s what I call US war on China, Russia, Iran, and other countries by other means, including illegal imposition of sanctions for invented reasons.

Time and again, the US flagrantly breaches policies it claims to support.

It consistently and repeatedly blames other nations for its own breaches of international law, including hot wars on invented enemies threatening no one like Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Libya.

After 100 days in office, Biden’s approval rating hovers around 50%.

It’s lower than any US president since Gerald Ford’s 48% approval after 100 days in office and Trump’s 42% after the same time period.

According to Langer Research Associates, the average public approval rating for US presidents since Harry Truman after 100 days is office has been 66%.

Its polling data showed 90% approval of Biden among registered Dem voters, 13% for Republicans, and 47% among independents.

At Trump’s 100th day in office, Dem support was an identical 13%.

According to March Pew Research data, 89% of US adults consider China a US competitor or enemy — evidence of how mind-manipulating US/media supported propaganda works.

China’s Global Times said Biden regime hardliners are hardening Trump’s toughness on Beijing in some respects — notably with regard to tariffs, technology and Taiwan, adding:

It’s “mobiliz(ing) (Indo/Pacific) allies (to) pressure China.”

While its strategy is still unfolding, it aims “to increase strategic leverage…to (contain and) defeat China” longterm — an agenda doomed to fail.

For now and at least some time to come, a period of “mutual respect” and cooperation is over.

China continues to develop and grow in stark contrast to US decline, notably post-9/11.

Washington is its own worst enemy. 

Its aim to dominate other nations by pressure, bullying, and bludgeoning hastens its imperial demise.

History’s dustbin awaits its arrival like all other empires preceding it.

It’s just a matter of time.

VISIT MY WEBSITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

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