Sergey Lavrov on Today’s Dismal State

Sergey Lavrov on Today’s Dismal State

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Independent China and Russia top Washington’s list of nations it wants transformed into client states — by whatever it takes to achieve its diabolical aims.

Both countries know what they’re up against. They know normalized relations with the US are unattainable.

They’re well aware that the threat of US rage for dominating other countries could boil over into global war if its dominant hardliners push things too far.

Compared to at least most of the post-WW II period, Sino/Russian relations with the US are at their lowest point in memory.

They’re more dismal and dangerous than at any time during Cold War years.

Sergey Lavrov virtually acknowledged it, saying if up to Moscow, its ruling authorities “would gladly resume normal relations,” adding: 

“The first possible step towards this, which I regard as obvious, is to zero out the measures restricting the work of Russian diplomats in the United States.” 

“It was as a response measure that we restricted the operations of American diplomats in Russia.”

One of a number of obvious ways to shift from confrontational to normalized relations is by both sides adopting this obvious step to relations as they should be.

Instead, dominant US hardliners from both right wings of its war party reject virtually everything key to peace over war, respecting the sovereign rights of other nations, and rule out no meddling in their internal affairs.

Trump wanted improved bipartisan relations but was overruled by dominant US dark forces.

The Biden regime “continues to go downhill,” said Lavrov.

Increased hostility by its dominant hardliners against Russia, China and other countries “pose(s) a serious risk to international security in the broadest possible meaning of the word,” Lavrov stressed.

Along with China, Iran, and other nations free from US hegemonic control, Russia rejects its “attempts to revive” unipolarity in today’s multipolar world.

These nations want no part of subordinating their sovereign UN Charter rights to US hegemonic interests. Nor should any country.

They rightfully accept nothing less than observance of international law by all nations.

They seek cooperative relations among all nations on a level playing field, dominance of none over others.

Lavrov explained that Vladimir Putin said he’s “always open to broad international agreements if they suit (Russia’s) interests.” 

“But we will harshly respond to any attempts to cross the red line, which we ourselves will determine.”

Fostering peace, stability, cooperative relations with other nations, and compliance with the rule of law, Russia is a reliable ally, a valued one — polar opposite hegemon USA and subservient partners, waging war on humanity to dominate other countries.

Unlike friction, tensions, and what Lavrov called “high-risk conflict situations” during Cold War years, “there was also mutual respect,” he explained — what’s “lacking now,” he stressed.

Unlike today’s dominant US ruling class and their recent counterparts, Lavrov called Jack Kennedy Washington’s “greatest” president.

In office, he transformed himself from a cold warrior to peacemaker.

Along with wanting all US forces out of Vietnam by December 1965, he supported world peace over endless wars of aggression, rapprochement with Soviet Russia, nuclear disarmament, Palestinian rights, while opposing Israel’s illegal nuclear weapons program.

Chastened by the Bay of Pigs fiasco, he refused to authorize another lawless attempt to topple Fidel Castro. 

Following the October 1962 Cuba missile crisis, he said he “never had the slightest intension” of attacking or invading the country.

He opposed Pax Americana enforced dominance, signed the Limited Test Ban Treaty with Soviet Russia, favored nuclear and complete disarmament, wanting wars avoided, not waged.

Deploring CIA contempt for the rule of law, he fire director Allen Dulles and his deputy General Charles Cabell – once saying he favored “splinter(ing) the (agency) into a thousand pieces and scatter(ing) it to the winds.” 

Throughout my lifetime in its 9th decade, no other US president approached standards he set for peace, cooperative relations with other nations, and respect for the the rule of law.

All of the above and more of the same on other issues was why CIA hired guns assassinated him on November 22, 1963.

A day of infamy, it’s one I recall as clearly as when happened nearly six decades ago.

Things have been largely downhill ever since — notably during the Clinton co-presidency neoliberal 90s, post-9/11, and especially since US/Western dark forces renamed seasonal flu covid last year and horrors that followed.

Though a teenager during Kennedy’s tenure, Lavrov clearly recalls him fondly, a figure unmatched by no one in the US or West today.

Commenting on escalated Kiev aggression on Donbass, he called for stepping back from the brink to avoid things spinning out of control.

As for Ukrainian puppet president Zelensky, “his main goal is to stay in power,” said Lavrov, adding:

He’s “ready to pay any price, such as pandering to neo-Nazis and ultra-radicals who continue to (falsely) brand Donbass self-defense fighters as terrorists (sic).”

US-colonized Ukraine is a black hole of fascist tyranny.

Its endless war on Donbass terrorizes its people.

Civilians, including children, are being regularly killed, public infrastructure, residences, hospitals, schools, and other structures damaged or destroyed by Kiev’s aggression.

On orders from US hardliners, resolution of conflict between Kiev and Donbass is off the table in favor of forever war.

Lavrov noted that Putin said Russia will never abandon Donbass to tyrannical rule by Kiev.

Yet Lavrov’s explanation of why requests by DPR and LPR ruling authorities  — likely expressing the will of their people — to join Russia were rejected by Moscow or at least went unanswered was unacceptable.

Attributing Russia’s position on Donbass to agreed on Minsk I and II peace proposals by both sides, his argument is only valid if they were jointly implemented.

It clearly didn’t happen for the past seven years and won’t ahead because Kiev’s higher authority in Washington wants endless war along Russia’s border, not resolution.

So the remedy not taken by Moscow is shifting the border by allowing the DPR and LPR to join Russia.

Had the Kremlin and parliamentary leadership accommodated them as was done for Crimeans, years of endless war, misery, thousands of deaths and injuries could have been avoided.

It’s not to late for Russia to do the right thing.

It’s likely the only way to end US-orchestrated and directed forever Kiev aggression on Donbass.

The alternative may be escalated war if this is what Biden regime hardliners have in mind.

If they push things too far, direct US confrontation with Russia and China could follow — the madness of possible global war able to doom us all if things play out this way.

As for as diplomatic outreach by Russia to the US, if the Kremlin doesn’t recognize the futility of good faith engagement with the US and West by now, it’ll never know.

Whenever occurring, betrayal is assured like always before.

Believing what never worked is possible ahead is self-defeating wishful thinking to fail like all other times.

The US and its imperial partners can never be trusted.

Nothing remotely suggests otherwise.

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