CIA Asset Navalny’s Groups Accused of Subversion

CIA Asset Navalny’s Groups Accused of Subversion

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Operating as a US intelligence community fifth column operative against his own country, there’s no ambiguity about Navalny’s sedition.

On Friday, Russia’s financial watchdog Rosfinmonitoring included his HQ organization with other fifth column groups involved terrorist and extremist activities.

On Thursday, Moscow’s City Court declared his so-called Anti-Corruption and Citizen Rights Protection Foundations unregistered foreign agent front groups — operating against Russia in cahoots with Western dark forces.

Activities of Navalny’s groups are halted pending judicial rulings on charges against them.

According to Russian law, organizations can be included among Rosfinmonitoring listings if involved in money laundering or other illegal financial activities.

Hearings on the above issues will be held on May 17.

On Monday, the Moscow City Prosecutor’s Office suspended Navalny’s HQ movement for involvement in “extremist activities” that are illegal under Russian law.

Hearings will determine whether to ban his subversive organizations, shutting them down permanently if this action is taken.

If anything remotely like his actions went on in the US and West, their operatives would be arrested, groups in question dissolved, their key operatives pronounced guilty by accusation and imprisoned longterm.

The US and West support most everything involved in harming the interests of invented enemies and their officials, Russia a longstanding prime target.

In remarks to Congress on Wednesday by Biden’s impersonator, he diverted attention from US war on humanity at home and abroad by falsely accusing preeminent peace and stability proponent Russia of “belligerent actions (sic).”

His DNI Avril Haines matched his deception by falsely accusing Moscow of hostile “influence campaigns, intelligence and counterterrorism cooperation, to advance its interests or undermine the interests of the United States and its allies (sic).”

While his regime escalates war on Russia by other means, Biden’s double falsely said “we don’t seek escalation (sic).”

Since illegitimately replacing Trump, Biden regime hardliners pushed the envelope closer to direct confrontation.

It’s where things are at risk of heading if their war on Russia by other means goes too far.

In response to US-colonized Bulgaria’s phony allegation of Russian responsibility for explosions at arms depots in the country it had nothing to do with, Lavrov responded:

“At least we have not been accused of assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria (preceding WW I), not yet. It may come to that, by the sound of things.”

Commenting on Wednesday’s congressional address by Biden’s double, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said rhetoric by the US regime when positive isn’t matched by its actions, adding:

Consistently hostile US policy toward Moscow “confirms that Washington is not ready to abandon its futile efforts to use pressure and unsubstantiated allegations of Russia’s ‘malicious activity.’ ”

“If the US really wants to talk, it’s time to abandon confrontational rhetoric and to take practical measures to improve the abnormal situation in bilateral relations, for which the US is to blame.” 

“Otherwise, they will continue to slide down” — where they’re steadily heading.

A Final Comment

Gratuitously bashing Russia, the extremist London Guardian embarrassed itself like many times before.

Defying reality, it falsely accused Russia of using its Sputnik V covid vaccine as “a political weapon (sic), aimed more at sowing political division than fighting coronavirus (sic).”

Unlike toxic Pfizer/Moderna mRNA technology and hazardous J & J and AstraZeneca covid vaccines — all of the above rushed to market in six to eight months — development of Russia’s coronavirus Sputnik V vaccine was ongoing for over 20 before produced for human use.

Sechenov University’s Institute for Translational Medicine and Biotechnology director Vadim Tarasov said the following when Sputnik V was approved for human use last year:

“We can really talk about a breakthrough as our country has shown itself to be one of the leaders in the global pharmaceutical industry due to the fact that it has retained and developed new competencies in drug development.”

When taken as directed, covid jabbing with experimental, unapproved Western drugs risk serious harm to health, including the risk of death near-or-longer-term.

Whatever risks are posed by Russia’s Sputnik V are minor by comparison.

It aims to protect against covid and mitigate illness if occurs in stark contrast to harmful to health Western drugs to be rejected, not taken.

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