Russia Responds to Illegal EU Sanctions

Russia Responds to Illegal EU Sanctions

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Colonized Britain and EU countries bow to the will of their higher authority in Washington on most all things geopolitical — notably against invented enemies like nonbelligerent Russia.

On March 2, Brussels in cahoots with the Biden regime imposed unlawful sanctions on “high-profile” Russian officials and for invented reasons.

They’re barred from traveling to EU countries. Assets they may hold in the West are frozen.

At the time, the Biden regime imposed its own unlawful sanctions on Russian officials and entities.

Whenever this action is taken, it’s in flagrant breach of the UN Charter.

The US, UK and EU long ago abandoned its provisions, operating extrajudicially by their own rules.

Accusations against Russia by the US and EU were invented. No legitimate ones exist.

In stark contrast to abandonment of the rule of law by the US, UK, and EU, Moscow scrupulously complies with its principles across the board.

On March 22, Brussels illegally sanctioned additional Russian officials and entities — falsely accusing them of “serious human rights violations and abuses in various countries around the world (sic).”

Targeted individuals “are subject to a travel ban to the EU.”

“(P)ersons and entities in the EU are prohibited from making funds available, either directly or indirectly, to those listed.”

The above actions escalated US/EU war on Russia by other means.

Western relations with Moscow are more dismal and dangerous than at any previous time throughout the post-WW II period.

Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov earlier explained that Russia is prepared to cut ties with the EU if unlawful sanctions by Brussels harm its economy.

At the time, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova vowed an appropriate response to what she called “absolutely unacceptable.”

Sergey Lavrov made similar comments.

On Friday, Russia responded to illegal EU sanctions for invented reasons, a Foreign Ministry statement saying following:

In cahoots with Washington, the EU illegally acts against Russian officials and entities.

This action flagrantly “runs counter to the UN Charter and fundamental standards of international law.”

It’s “accompanied by anti-Russia hysterics fueled by Western media.”

Diplomatic outreach by Moscow to resolve issues with the EU “are ignored or rejected” — its authorities bowing to a higher power in Washington.

What’s going on aims “to restrain the development of Russia at all cost and to impose a unilateral concept of a ‘rules-based world order,’ something that undermines international law.”

The US-dominated West unacceptably challenges Russia’s sovereign independence — pushing things toward direct confrontation if things go too far.

US dark forces are manipulating Britain and Brussels to transform “Europe into an arena of serious geopolitical confrontation yet again.”

And they’re going along with what harms their self-interest.

In response to what no responsible governments should tolerate, Russia banned eight EU officials “from entering Russian territory under Federal Law No. 114-FZ ‘On the Entry to and Exit from the Russian Federation’ of August 15, 1996.”

Included are officials from Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Latvia, and Estonia.

Responding to Russia’s action, European Parliament president David Sassoli tweeted:

“No sanctions or intimidation will stop the (European Parliament) or me from defending human rights, freedom, and democracy (sic). Threats will not silence us (sic).”

“They won’t silence us either,” said Zakharova, adding:

Unlike illegal US, UK, EU sanctions — what I call waging war by other means — Moscow fully complies with its international law obligations and threatens no one.

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