Navalny’s Lawyer Detained for Breach of Russian Law

Navalny’s Lawyer Detained for Breach of Russian Law

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Last Friday, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) detained Navalny’s defense attorney Ivan Pavlov.

Held for questioning, it’s in regard to allegedly releasing unauthorized confidential legal proceedings. 

Before taken into custody, he said documents in his possession were seized by Russia’s FSB and the country’s Investigative Committee, adding:

He was “searched (and) files under attorney-client privilege have been taken” that relate to the ongoing trial of former newspaper reporter Ivan Safronov.

He’s accused of unlawfully releasing preliminary investigation confidential information to a NATO member state’s intelligence service. See below.

“My accusation is connected with that case,” Pavlov explained, adding: “I don’t admit any guilt.”

If convicted under Russian law, he can be fined up to $1,000, be required to perform two years of community service, be held in custody for up to three months, and/or be stripped of his right to practice law.

According to opposition politician, currently serving as St. Petersburg’s ombudsman, Alexander Shishlov, Pavlov’s detention “can be regarded as an act of intimidat(ion) (sic).”

He and other opposition figures demanded his release.

In response, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied the above accusation.

Saying authorities are legally “doing their job,” he added that “we do not know the reason for (Pavlov’s) detention, nor how it happened, nor what is imputed to the lawyer.”

Peskov denied that Pavlov’s detention aims to intimidate Kremlin critics. It’s about law enforcement, according to Russian authorities.

On the day of his detention, Pavlov reportedly was preparing for a same-day court hearing to defend Safronov.

According to the Moscow Times, Pavlov said investigators suspect him of leaking information related to Safronov’s treason case.

If convicted, the former journalist faces up to 20 years in prison for passing state secrets to the pro-Western/hostile to Russia Czech Republic in 2017.

Reportedly, a judge ordered Pavlov’s release, barring him from using the phone or the Internet.

Because Navalny is one of his clients, Russophobic Western media groundlessly politicized his detention for questioning.

As expected, the NYT falsely accused the Kremlin of wanting to “stifle dissent” — a growing US specialty along with fake news over the real thing from media like the Times.

Last week, Pavlov said he’d release information about Navalny as part of his defense.

Former Russophobe envoy to Moscow Michael McFaul is part of the anti-democratic Alliance for Securing Democracy he and likeminded extremist members abhor.

Never missing an opportunity to bash Russia unjustifiably, he tweeted:

Pavlov’s detention for questioning is “completely crazy (sic). The rule of law in Russia is disappearing (sic).”

“Putin is a coward (sic).” 

“Why else would he arrest the lawyer trying to work within the Russian legal system to defend Navalny’s organization (sic)?” 

“Just pathetic. Hard for me to understand how anyone could respect these actions (sic).”

Ignored by McFaul and likeminded extremists is Washington’s forever war on humanity at home and abroad that includes the highest of high crimes against the world’s most vulnerable victims of its viciousness.

WaPo is much the same. Acting as a press agent for the most egregious US high crimes, it invents reasons to bash Russia.

In response to Pavlov’s detention for questioning as explained above, the broadsheet falsely accused Moscow of waging war on dissent — a US specialty it ignores.

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