Russin Foreign Ministry on Ukraine, the US and Israel

Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine, the US and Israel

by Stephen Lendman 

On all things Russia, Ukraine’s puppet president Zelensky recites US-supplied talking points.

Commenting on his contempt for conflict resolution with Donbass, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) slammed his refusal to comply with Minsk I and II peace agreements, saying:

His unacceptable remarks showed that Kiev is militantly hostile to peace with Donbass.

He and his US master want a perpetual state of war on its people, including civilians in harm’s way.

MZ: If he and Kiev’s “representatives in the Normandy format and the Contact Group follow this approach in the negotiating process, which is stalled anyway by Kiev’s insistent sabotage of the Minsk agreements per se, then we can hardly expect any progress in a Donbass conflict settlement.”

Other than head-fake pretense by Kiev, there’s been none for over seven years, none in prospect ahead.

On April 30, the Donetsk News Agency reported that (US trained and directed) Ukrainian forces breached ceasefire terms 159 times in April.

They “fired 1,293 rounds targeting the DPR, killing two civilians and injuring two others. The total of 22 houses and 6 infrastructural facilities sustained damage, as well as two vehicles” — using weapons and munitions supplied by the US and West.

Last week, DPR official Natalia Nikonorova said the following:

When Kiev officials are asked to explain their repeated ceasefire breaches, their “only answer (is saying) that (it’s) a matter of ‘principle’ to Kiev.”

On July 22, 2020, Contact group representatives agreed on ceasefire control measures.

They ban “use of all weapons, deployment of hardware, special operations, engineer works and unmanned aerial vehicles flights” that threaten Donbass.

Since the above was agreed on, Kiev repeatedly blocked its implementation to maintain a perpetual state of war on the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics in Donbass — following US orders.

Because Washington wants war along Russia’s border, not peace, there’s no prospect for resolution.

Commenting on remarks by Biden’s impersonator to Congress last week, MZ said his regime has no interest in improving relations with Russia.

Like its predecessors, it says one thing and goes another way.

It’s “not ready to abandon its futile efforts to use pressure and unsubstantiated allegations of (nonexistent) Russian ‘malicious activity,’ ” said MZ.

The US side is entirely to blame for the dismal state of bilateral relations. Most likely they’re worsen further ahead.

No prospect for improvement exists.

Russia rarely criticizes Israeli high crimes of war, against humanity, or its apartheid viciousness toward long-suffering Palestinians.

An exception to the rule was MZ’s remarks last week about unacceptable Israeli actions against the Palestinian people in Jerusalem.

Instead of focusing on what’s most egregious, MZ criticized the Netanyahu regime’s “limited (Palestinian) access to the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex…since the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan on April 13.”

Never explained by Russia are daily Kristallnacht abuses by Israel against long-suffering Palestinians.

They include every imaginable form of state terror with no accountability —what’s been going on since establishment of the Jewish state on stolen Palestinian land.

MZ did explain that “Israeli ultra-radicals” call for “killing Arabs and expelling them from” Jerusalem.

She failed to explain that Israeli ruling regimes condone and encourage this behavior — along with other flagrant international law abuses. 

Palestinians are repeatedly accused of Israeli crimes committed against them.

With virtually no Western support, they’re largely on their own in their longstanding pursuit of justice denied them by an apartheid occupier of their historic land.

Russia maintains normal relations with Israel, never criticizing the worst of its actions, rarely ever expressing outrage against any of them.

A Final Comment

Answering a question on Iran, MZ stressed that the Islamic Republic and Russia are close allies.

She noted that Foreign Minister Zarif “expressed sincere gratitude to the Russian Federation for its principled and constructive views and stances on the JCPOA…”

She “stress(ed) the need to continue close cooperation between the two countries over the nuclear deal and to maintain our consensus in order to save this extremely important agreement in connection with specific risks and apprehensions that have arisen following the US withdrawal from this plan” unlawfully.

“Russia has always emphatically opposed US interference in the sovereign affairs of our southern neighbor, US pressure on Iran, and arrogant threats.”

Russia intends to “expand the entire range of cooperation with Tehran” in support of its sovereignty and people.

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