Noted Doctor Slams Covid Related Malpractice

Noted Doctor Slams Covid Related Malpractice

by Stephen Lendman 

( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Since US-led Western dark forces renamed garden variety seasonal flu covid — what shows up annually with none of what’s gone on since last year — we’ve been lied to and mass deceived by ruling authorities in the West, their public health handmaidens, Pharma, and media press agents virtually daily.

Retired Professor of Holistic Medical Sciences, author of over 100 truth-telling books on health, Dr. Vernon Coleman pulls no punches on what’s vital for everyone to know.

His most recent remarks come at a time of unparalleled state-sponsored deceit in support of a diabolical plot against human health and well-being.

Earlier, Coleman called covid “the greatest hoax of the century.”

It’s the most diabolical ever state-sponsored assault on health and well-being — what’s already harmed millions of unwitting people in the West and elsewhere.

Coleman and other truth-telling health and scientific experts stress that there’s no such thing as a safe and effective vaccine — no protection from a syringe against any disease.

Covid mRNA drugs and vaccines are designed to be hazardous to health, not the other way around.

Along with other aims, mass-jabbing for seasonal flu now called covid is a depopulation scheme — harm inflicted to play out short-and-longer-term.

What’s going on is THE cutting edge issue of our time — why I’ve devoted an enormous amount of time and energy discussing it.

Covid mass-jabbing will eliminate and otherwise harm countless millions of people in the West and elsewhere as long as the mother of scams continues unchecked.

Coleman called people who go out of their way “to purchase and wear pretty-colored” masks “numbskulls (and) half-wits who queue up to have an experimental jab which they don’t need and which won’t do what they think it will do,” adding:

“(A)nyone who wears a mask and has one of the covid jabs needs locking up for their own protection.”

Filmdom, sports, other celebrities, and media personalities pushing them are promoting harm to health.

According to Coleman, they know no more about covid mass-jabbing “than they do about brain surgery.”

Establishment media are in the vanguard of spreading misinformation, disinformation, Big Lies and fake news about all things covid.

Facebook earlier suspended my account for truth-telling remarks on major issues.

I was warned again by its censors, my account to be suspended once more if I “violate (FB’s hostile to truth-telling) community standards.”

The warning came in response to my explanation of why face masks don’t protect and risk potentially serious harm to health if worn longterm.

FB promotes harmful covid mass-jabbing and all else related to it.

Saying it “encourages free expression” is polar opposite its so-called “community standards.”

They include support for state-sponsored Big Lies and mass deception on the most cutting-edge issues of our time and opposition to setting the record straight.

I was told that FB will “remove anything that doesn’t follow our standards as quickly as possible,” adding:

It permits only what sticks to the official falsified narrative.

Saying my FB remark on (hazardous to health face masks) went “against (its) community standards on misinformation that could cause physical harm” willfully and maliciously turned truth on its head.

My response to FB censors is “nuts,” what I said earlier when my account was pulled, then restored weeks later.

On all things related to truth-telling, there is no compromise. Nor can censoring it be tolerated.

Coleman lives in Britain. In recent remarks, he slammed the state owned and controlled BBC, saying:

“(I)ndependent experts” are given no air time on the Beeb to share their views.

They’re “also demonized, sneered at and lied about on a regular basis” on its airwaves.

The Beeb also operates “as a propaganda unit for the lunatics behind the (diabolical) global reset.”

Everyone one opposed to toxic covid mass-jabbing is banned from its airwaves.

Coleman stressed that “(e)verything I tell you is true,” wishing it wasn’t so.

“Independent medical doctors and scientists have been silenced, demonized, and their views suppressed” — on all things covid and other important issues.

On mRNA technology covid jabs, Coleman cited a Pharma official describing them as “hacking the software of life and installing a new operating system.”

He responded saying he’ll stick with what he was born with and wants no part of artificially changing it.

“(A)nyone who trusts” mass-jabbing proponents “is insane.”

All things covid related is a colossal hoax. 

It’s also about “power and (Big) money.” 

Pfizer reportedly expects around one-fourth of its latest quarterly profits to be from its (toxic) mRNA covid drug.

Promoting rejabs to be followed by more of the same annually or semi-annually, it promises to be a gift to keep giving as long as the mother of all scams isn’t challenged and halted.

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