Blinken in Ukraine

Blinken in Ukraine

by Stephen Lendman 

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Nazi infested tyrannical Ukraine is a dangerous US created hot spot in Europe’s heartland.

Ahead of his early Thursday arrival in Kiev, the State Department said Blinken’s visit “underscore(s) unwavering (Biden regime) support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of Russia’s ongoing aggression (sic)” — that doesn’t exist and never did.

Aggression is longstanding US policy against invented enemies — polar opposite how democratic Russia operates.

Belligerent US hardliners consistently and repeatedly reinvent reality in pursuit of their hegemonic aims.

According to the Donetsk News Agency on Thursday, Ukrainian forces continue attacking Donbass multiple times daily.

On May 6 alone, they fired 53 shells and mortar rounds at the Donetsk People’s Republic — according to its Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC).

Their shelling “damaged the northern water supply node in Donetsk,” suspending its operation, adding:

“Ukraine has ignored the DPR’s attempts to use the coordination mechanism to secure immediate ceasefire after each violation”— following orders from its higher authority in Washington, likely including from Blinken after his arrival in Kiev.

On July 27, 2020, a ceasefire agreed on by both sides became effective.

It banned “use of all weapons, deployment of hardware, special operations, engineer works and unmanned aerial vehicles flights.”

Since then to the present day, Kiev repeatedly breached agreed on terms.

A state of war by Kiev on Donbass has existed since April 2014 with no end of it in prospect because the US want forever war along Russia’s border.

Defying reality, the Biden regime’s State Department “commend(ed) Ukraine for its ongoing restraint (sic)” — while falsely accusing Russia of “escalatory actions (sic).”

At a Thursday press briefin with Ukraine’s pro-Western puppet president Zelensky, Blinken said the following:

The Biden regime “will continue to provide to Ukraine (support) to strengthen its security, its defense,” adding:

Nonbelligerent “Russia has the capacity — on fairly short notice — to take aggressive action if it so chooses (sic).”

“(W)e are watching this very, very carefully (sic).”

Reciting US supplied talking points, Zelensky falsely called the Russian Republic of Crimea “occup(ied) (sic).”

He called completion of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany “a very sensitive issue for Ukraine,” adding that his regime “appreciate(s) (Washington’s) sanctions policy” on Moscow.

According to Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS Countries Vladimir Zharikhin, Blinken’s visit aims to solidify US “control of the Ukrainian leadership after a changeover in the White House and…Department of State.”

It expressed Biden regime support for endless Kiev war on Donbass and confrontation with Russia.

Blinken will focus mainly on confronting China while under secretary for political affairs Victoria Nuland “will deal with Ukraine,” Zharikhin believes.

Ahead of his arrival in Kiev, Blinken threatened Russia, saying the Biden regime “will respond (if Moscow) acts recklessly or aggressively (sic).”

What’s longstanding US policy at home and abroad is polar opposite how Russia operates domestically and on the world stage.

After meeting with Zelensky on Thursday, Blinken tweeted:

The Biden regime “is resolute in the face of Russian aggression (sic) and in our support for…democratic…Ukraine (sic).”

Separately during Thursday’s press conference, he falsely claimed that Ukraine is “challenge(d) (by) aggression from outside coming from Russia” — that does not exist.

The US installed regime — after the Obama/Biden’s 2014 coup — is a Nazi-infested fascist dictatorship bordering Russia — a US dagger aimed at its heartland.

While US-directed low-level war by Kiev on Donbass is unlikely to become full-blown, it’s possible because of longstanding US policy to destabilize, weaken, and transform Russia into a client state — using belligerent Ukraine part of its strategy.

A Final Comment

Militant Russophobe Nuland’s return to the scene of the crime in Kiev she helped orchestrate in 2014 rubbed salt on an old wound in Moscow.

Her Cold War mindset is unrelenting.

Russia’s RT earlier accused her of “midwif(ing)” regime change in Ukraine from democratic rule to fascist tyranny, adding:

Her over-the-top views on Russia are “dumb, delusional and dangerous.” 

She’s likely back to further midwife US war on Russia by other means — perhaps at a higher level of intensity ahead.

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