Sergey Lavrov on Multilateralism

Sergey Lavrov on Multilateralism

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Friday, Lavrov addressed the Security Council.

His remarks always feature straight-talk — in stark contrast to Western double-talk mass deception.

Commenting on how normal life was “upended” by all things (seasonal flu-renamed) covid, Lavrov expressed concern about the potential longterm consequences about what’s going on.

It’s at a time of “growing international tensions, as well as escalating regional conflicts and cross-border challenges and threats.” 

“The entire architecture of global governance created after the Second World War is being tested,” he stressed. 

While “core tenets of international law (are) enshrined in the UN Charter,” its principles are repeatedly breached by the US-dominated West.

Time and again, “Russia call(ed) on all states to unconditionally follow the purposes and principles of the Charter as they chart their foreign policies, respecting the sovereign equality of states, not interfering in their internal affairs, settling disputes by political and diplomatic means, and renouncing the threat or use of force” — in vain because of US-led Western war on humanity worldwide. 

Lavrov acknowledged the above saying “not all (nations) are driven by the imperative to work in good faith to promote comprehensive multilateral cooperation”— clearly not key Western ones and apartheid Israel.

US-dominated Western ones aim “to reverse the process of forming a polycentric world and slow down the course of history.”

Their goal is all about imposing their own rules and will on other nations worldwide.

The US-proposed Summit for Democracy conceals its intolerance of governance of, by, and for everyone equitably — a notion its ruling authorities prohibited from inception.

Dominant US hardliners today consider democratic rule where it exists a pretext for waging war by hot and/or other means on nations governed this way.

Lavrov slammed the Biden regime’s proposed scheme, calling it all about “establishment of a new club based on interests, with a clearly ideological nature,” adding:

It “has the potential to further inflame international tensions and deepen dividing lines in a world that needs a unifying agenda more than ever.”

Germany and France proposed a similar initiative called an Alliance for Multilateralism — with other aims in mind.

When Moscow proposes discussion of the current state of democratic governance worldwide, US-dominated Western regimes want no part of it, said Lavrov.

“(T)he West’s true attitude toward multilateralism” is wanting nothing interfering with their aim to dominate non-Western nations by what Lavrov called their “dictatorial methods.”

Illegal sanctions are one of their most odious war by other means practices to “punish” what they consider “undesirable regimes.”

Lavrov called their imposition “unacceptable…totalitarianism in global affairs” by US-led Western regimes that are hostile to democracy and multilateralism as they should be.

While they repeatedly breach international laws and norms, they falsely “argue that the main task of world politics should be to counter the attempts of Russia and China to ‘change the rules-based order.’ ”

US hardliners want nothing interfering with their diabolical aim to rule over and exploit other nations unchallenged.

Lavrov stressed the above, adding that Britain most of all in the West partners with Washington’s hegemonic agenda.

“(T)he reality of today’s interconnected and interdependent world” is vastly different from self-styled superior ones like the US to dominate others.

Vladimir Putin earlier proposed convening a summit among leaders of the five permanent Security Council members — an idea shunned by the US-dominated West so far.

According to Lavrov, Russia is ready to work cooperatively with other nations in advancing multilateralism over hegemonic aims of others seeking unchallenged global dominance — notably the US.

A Final Comment

In September 2020, Vladimir Putin addressed the UN General Assembly.

He participated in the world body’s commemoration of the 75th anniversary of WW II’s end.

No nation did more and paid a greater price to defeat the scourge of German Nazism than Soviet Russia.

In his address at the time, Putin stressed the importance of UN Charter principles, saying:

They include “the equality of sovereign States, non-interference with their domestic affairs, the right of peoples to determine their own future, non-use of force or the threat of force, and political settlement of disputes.”

Restoration of world peace in 1945 was short-lived.

Relocated to Washington, the scourge of Nazism threatens humanity today by endless US wars on invented enemies. 

Ongoing since preemptive US war on nonbelligerent North Korea in 1950, a permanent state of US-led wars by hot and/or other means continues with no end of them in prospect.  

Washington’s aim to control the world community of nations, their resources and populations risks destruction of life on earth because of its reckless drive for hegemony.

What Putin called the importance of adherence to “principles and norms of international law enshrined in the UN Charter” is polar opposite US wicked ways that may kill us all if not challenged and checked.

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