Ukraine a Strategic US Partner Against Russia

Ukraine a Strategic US Partner Against Russia

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US orchestrated aggression on Donbass along Russia’s border since April 2014 was escalated to a higher level by Biden regime hardliners.

Their aim is all about provoking Moscow into conflict with US-colonized Ukraine.

While unlikely because of Russian restraint, it would risk direct confrontation between the world’s leading superpowers if occurs.

Short of threatening it last week, interventionist Blinken pledged Biden regime help for Ukraine to defend itself — at a time when its only enemies are invented.

No real ones existed since WW II ended over 75 years ago.

According to State Department propaganda, the Biden regime “is deeply concerned about Russia’s ongoing aggressive actions and rhetoric targeting Ukraine (sic), including the increased Russian troop presence in occupied Crimea (sic) and around Ukraine’s borders (sic).”

Fact: Since established after Soviet Russia’s 1991 dissolution, no Russian Federation “aggressive actions and rhetoric” occurred against any country.

Fact: Russia seeks peace and cooperative relations with the world community of nations, hostility toward none.

Fact: The Crimean Republic is sovereign Russian territory. No occupation exists.

Fact: No menacing Russian forces are mobilized “around Ukraine’s borders” — no threats by Moscow against Kiev.

As ordered by its higher power in Washington, Ukraine straightaway breached Minsk I and II conflict resolution agreements — adopted in September 2014 and February 2015 respectively.

Resolving endless Kiev aggression on Donbass since April 2014 is off-the-table because US hardliners want a permanent state of war along Russia’s border.

Ignoring Kiev’s aggression it’s involved in orchestrating — along with supplying heavy weapons to its puppet regime — Biden’s State Department invented its own fabricated reality, stating:

“Russia must uphold its commitments under the Minsk agreements (sic) and work in good faith to end the conflict in eastern Ukraine (sic) and restore Ukrainian sovereignty (sic).”

As separately explained, the Biden regime is pouring heavy weapons into Ukraine for endless war on sovereign Donbass along Russia’s border.

What’s going on could escalate to something far more serious than already.

Commenting on Blinken’s visit to Kiev, head of the Lugansk People’s Republic in Donbass Leonid Pasechnik said the following:

Cross-border shelling by Ukraine “increased” during and after Blinken’s visit.

US/NATO-supported puppet “Zelensky received certain guidance thereof. That is why any constructive approach is out of question.”

“There is only one intention behind (what’s going on endlessly) – to maintain military tension in Donbass, which is clearly of interest for the US.”

“Blinken spoke only about the stepping-up of military aid after the meeting with Zelensky.”

His visit was all about maintaining a permanent state of war along Russia’s border.

“The US is ready to fight (Donbass and Russia) to the last Ukrainian.”

Blinken demanded that Zelensky accept “unquestioned external governance of the country” by the US.

Since taking office in May 2019, “(h)e has not been making decisions on his own.”

On all things geopolitical, they’re made for him by his higher power in Washington.

As for Ukraine joining NATO, it’s off-the-table because alliance members are reluctant to defend the country if by doing so it risks global war 3.0.

According to the Financial Times (FT) last week “Zelensky found himself alarmingly alone having bungled both the peace settlement (with) Donbass…and gaining a reliable backup from western powers.”

Elected on a pledge to end war on Donbass, he continues it endlessly on orders from Washington.

The Lugansk Media Center (LMC) and Donetsk News Agency (DAN) report on daily cross-border shelling by Ukrainian forces.

According to the LMC’s press officer Yakov Osadchiy:

“Twenty five (Kiev) violations have been recorded over the past week,” adding:

Despite Contact Group members Ukraine, Russia and Europe’s OSCE ceasefire announcements nearly two dozen times since early 2014, Kiev unilaterally breached them straightaway.

In February 2015, UN Security Council Res. 2202 was unanimously adopted — making it binding international law.

Calling on parties involved in conflict to implement Minsk ceasefire terms immediately, the measure also required withdrawal of heavy weapons from the line of contact to create a security zone.

Fighting continued by Ukrainian forces as directed by the Obama/Biden regime.

After Biden/Harris usurped power by brazen election fraud, cross-border shelling by Ukrainian forces on Donbass escalated.

That’s where things stand today.

A state of permanent war by Kiev on Donbass continues with virtually no prospect for resolution because Russophobic US hardliners reject it.

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