US Pushing Things for Confrontation with China?

US Pushing Things for Confrontation with China?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Last week, interventionist Blinken continued his war of words on China and Russia, saying:

The Biden regime “will continue to push back forcefully when we see countries undermine the international order (sic), pretend that the rules we’ve all agreed to don’t exist (sic), or simply violate them at will (sic).”

The above remarks apply to hegemon USA, NATO and apartheid Israel — not nonbelligerent China, Russia, or other nations free from US control.

Washington repeatedly blames other countries for its own crimes of war, against humanity and other wrongdoing.

It also invents reasons to slam sovereign independent nations — no credible evidence supporting their phony accusations because none exists.

Last week, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin slammed Big Lies by the US and other G7 foreign ministers, saying:

Led by Blinken, they “launched groundless accusations against China, blatantly interfered in China’s internal affairs, and engaged in anachronistic bloc politics,” adding: 

“This is gross interference in China’s sovereignty, flagrant trampling on norms of international relations and violation of the trend for peace, development and win-win cooperation of our times.” 

“China strongly condemns it.

“Issues concerning Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong are all China’s domestic affairs.” 

“China’s sovereignty, rights and interests over the Diaoyu Dao, its affiliated islands, islands in the South China Sea, and their adjacent waters are rooted in ample factual and legal basis.” 

“The participation of China’s Taiwan region in activities of international organizations, including the WHO, which consists of sovereign nations, must be handled in accordance with the one-China principle.” 

“This is an important principle established by UNGA Resolution 2758 and WHA Resolution 25.1.”

“The G7, as a grouping of developed nations, should take more concrete actions to boost world economic recovery and help accelerate developing countries’ growth, rather than stoking confrontation and difference and disrupting global economic recovery.”

“The G7 claims to be a grouping of democracies, but as a latest poll suggests, respondents in 53 countries and regions see the US as the top threat to global democracy” and world peace.

In response to US accusations of “atrocities” in Jinjiang that don’t exist, Wang slammed the Biden regime and US Congress, saying:

No “factual basis” supports phony US accusations that are all about unjustifiably “justify(ing) its (illegal) interference in China’s internal affairs.”

Beijing invited US officials to visit Jinjiang to witness firsthand what’s going on.

“(N)one showed up…expos(ing their hypocrisy” on all things China, Wang explained.

Separately, China’s Global Times (GT) questioned whether interventionist Blinken “know(s) what the rule of law is” in response to his tweeting:

“(A)ll those (in Hong Kong) imprisoned for nonviolent exercise of guaranteed freedoms should be freed immediately.”

Blinken ignored torture and other abuses in the US global gulag prison system — the world’s largest by far.

Thousands are imprisoned for political reasons at home and abroad in numerous countries.

Former US Attorney General/the late Ramsey Clark once said “(o)ur jails are filled with saints” – individuals imprisoned for political reasons, not criminality.

They include anti-war activists, whistleblowers exposing US wrongdoing, and others for supporting ethnic justice, racial emancipation, and real economic, social, and political equality across gender and color lines.

In their book titled “Agents of Repression,” Ward Churchill and Jim Vander Wall said the following:

“(T)he (above) term came to signify the whole context of clandestine (typically illegal) political repression activities (including) a massive surveillance (program via) wiretaps, surreptitious entries and burglaries, electronic devices, live ‘tails’ and…bogus mail” to induce paranoia and “foster ‘splits’ within or between organizations.”

For both right wings of the US war party, the rule of law is what they say it is according to their own hegemonic definition.

China’s GT stressed that Hong Kong “is a society under the rule of law. Verdicts of the judiciary should be respected.

Individuals supported by the US like Joshua Wong and others pled guilty to secessionist crimes in flagrant violation of Chinese law.

They were “given a ‘deterrent punishment,’ ” GT explained, adding:

“Does Blinken really have no legal common sense?”

He and other US Chinaphobic hardliners invent reasons to bash Beijing.

They don’t give a hoot about Hong Kongers or ordinary people anywhere, especially not Americans they exploit and abuse, not serve.

Separately according to Beijing’s Defense Ministry spokesperson Wu Qian:

Since Biden replaced Trump on January 20, provocative US naval drills near Chinese waters in the Taiwan Strait increased significantly.

So did Pentagon reconnaissance flights where they don’t belong.

According to China’s South Morning Post:

“The Taiwan Strait has increasingly become a flashpoint in the region as Beijing, which considers Taiwan a renegade province, has ramped up pressure on the island.” 

Its actions aim to “safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

At peace with the world community of nations, Beijing wants war avoided, not waged — in stark contrast to US forever wars on one country after another.

In response to US-led G7 support for Taiwan last week, a statement by China’s Foreign Ministry said the following:

The G7 “gross(ly) interfer(ed)” in China’s internal affairs, adding:

“The G7 foreign ministers’ baseless accusations against China (aim) to turn back the wheel of history.”

Beijing considers Taiwan a breakaway province to be eventually reunited with the mainland.

Its Foreign Ministry calls the issue “nonnegotiable,” adding:

One China alone exists, Taiwan an integral part of it.

Biden regime hardliners are pursuing similar anti-China policies as Trump — perhaps intending to escalate them.

Waters off China’s mainland, the Middle East, and Russian/Ukraine border are the world’s top hot spots.

If conflict erupts or escalates near one or more of the above parts of the world, it’ll be made-in-the-USA.

Given its rage for endless wars on invented enemies, greater US aggression than already may be just a matter of time.

Perhaps belligerent Biden regime hardliners have another 9/11-type false flag in mind to escalate US war on humanity beyond what’s going on now.

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